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Love you right

Beaches of white, lust of the night

I take you away, in my heart you stay

Your hand on my life, remove the stabbing knife

Kiss me make me understand, I want to simply be your man

No more rage inside, you are now source of my pride

Love you gently in the sand, holding you in my hand.

Back roads in the truck, taking you away just to fuck

no that’s not right I say, I want to love you in a special way

I call you my pet, and you start to get all wet

I remove your dress, and well you know the rest

Hard Fucking

Over my knee, I hear your plea

I spank your ass one two three


On the floor you are ready again

Hand and knees ass up ready to begin


I slowly entered your soaking slit

I hear your words to never quit


Harder faster I thrust in to you

Bucking hips meeting me through and through


Screams of climax I do now hear

I fuck you harder don’t you fear


Collapse on the floor a sweaty mess

Your ass I do begin to caress


Not done yet my little toy

I need more to bring me joy


Open your mouth take me in

Suck my cock you make me grin


Cum flows freely down your throat

This private moment, I will not quote


Take you by my hand, lead you to the forbidden land

Lay you down ready and wet, dance of the tongue don’t you fret

Kissing your wet slit, sucking on your engorged clit

Carressing your tight ass, give me none of your sass

Cock parts your silky lips, as your soaked pussy drips


Wanting my cock buried deep, the cum does ooze and seep

Flip you over face down, no time anymore for a frown

Slide my aching cock in you, pound you harder this is true

Mutual orgasm time to cum, fall in your arms already numb

Dying Heart Revived!

Loving you never was not even a thought
God saw fit to place you in my life I knew not why
We agreed friendship only no love to be sought
Now if I was to lose you I think I would die
All my soul all my heart seeks to only protect
Protect your honor protect you always I spoke
Now your heart you soul I will not neglect
Protecting your heart from never being broke
Eyes of the sky innocent face gives me clarity
Your words touch me deep bring me much joy
Not sure why i was chosen, am I charity?
I am nothing without you just a lonely boy

Forbidden Love

Eden’s garden housed the forbidden fruit

My heart houses the forbidden love of you

heart has been stolen and now I am in pursuit

Pursuit of your love, this is all so new


I adore you from afar wondering is this right

Never cared for like this, my tears are true

Tears of happiness sweep my soul, hold me tight

Love till my final breath, this love is very new


Limits do not apply, sharing your body for my lust

Telling stories of romance, tales of sex

I need you to know, I want to caress, you are my trust

your spell cast over me like a voodoo hex


The spell of enchantment the spell of desire

My heart rages harder scared to let you down

In my heart rages a deep passionate fire

Bestowing upon you your own Princess crown

The Submissive

My servant, my slave, my submissive of mine.
Offering your self to me, waiting without a whine
You serve me well all day and through the night
You serve me, your master, with nothing but delight

Your trust in me is nothing more than complete.
Your obedience is shown as you kneel at my feet.
Your master dictates an order of kowtow.
Subservient in nature you honor your vow.

Your vow to submit, your vow to trust.
Your breasts are subtle such a beautiful bust
Your face is liken to the spring daffodil.
Beautiful and bright, you are my thrill.

LittleOne is the name bestowed upon you.
You are submissive and kind this is true.
Your master is caring and protective as well.
I will do all for you, even in to the depths of hell.


My slave’s eyes are nothing like the sun
Roses are far more brighter than her lips of red
Her vows of submission never to be undone
Bowing silently with her arms wide spread
Her innocence taken no more wedding in white
Her ass is red from the smacks on her cheeks
The scent of her sex brings this master delight
Then her voice trembling she admits her transgression
I love to hear her speak, as she kneels in despair
She kneels ready, ready for her punishment session
Her tears are music a far more pleasing sound
I hold her in my arms, as a Master I do care
My slave she stands ready to be bound
And yet, by heaven, I think this submission is rare
As with any and all, no others compare.

Lost Obsession

She was my obsession.
Now the source of my depression.
This sadness is real,
my caring was surreal
Nothing but the pangs in my heart
Your eyes prettier than any art
Mentally my brain is under attack
I would however still take you back
Mona lisa smile just a dream
You are gone forever it would seem
Wishing her the best in this world
Now I go as my heart becomes unfurled
Just walk through my door
and I will want you even more

Her First Time

Tonight Master makes you scream
In your room waiting with fear
Enters Master with a certain gleam

Your sex is wet and dripping about
On your knees as I enter in here
Up on the bed please you shout

Under my spell I come to you
Place your trust in me my pet
Sexual wetness is like the morning dew

Loud screams are not of displeasure
U I do care for, I am not your threat
Today you scream during orgasm, thank you sir

Abandoned Hope

Absence of love, scarred in absolute pain
Looks of an angel, tears from the rain

Empty heart, broken soul, with abandoned hope
Xamine yourself, take my hand and we can cope

Majestic eyes, beauty all the way through
Your heart is pure, no more time to be blue

Perfection found, love abound, happiness found

Every breath, every thought, pure in heart
Take me away to your secret place never to depart.