The Naughty Pet

She wakes up with a gleam in her eye, she decides today she is going to push Sir’s limits. She starts off by just getting out of bed and not servicing her sir. She goes and prepares her morning coffee. Sir awakens and reaches over for his pet, but she is not there. He is unhappy to find this and goes to seek her out. He follows his nose and finds her in the kitchen sipping the freshly brewed coffee. She winks at him and asks him if he would like a cup. She knows sir does not drink coffee, but she asked anyways. Sir walks up her and looks her in the eyes and asks her what is the morning protocol pet? She says “to wait for you to awaken and to see if you need pleasure first”. “This is correct pet, now explain what was different this morning.”. She replied, “Sir, I just wanted some coffee, I know you can’t punishment you love me to much as I love you.” With that Sir grabs her by her wrists and drags her to the couch where he places her over the arm of the couch. Sir lifts her night gown and takes a paddle and starts to paddle her ass 5 smacks per cheek. Pet starts to have a tear roll down her eyes from the smacks. 


Sir turns her around and wipes her eyes. She realizes that she was wrong and needed to make amends. She quickly goes to her knees to service sir, but he walks away leaving her on her knees. She starts to cry thinking she has really made sir mad. 15 minutes go by and pet does not move, and sir comes back and takes pet by the wrists and takes her down the hall way, past the bedroom they continue walking. To the bathroom as they go in she sees sir has prepared a nice bubble bath and has some aromatic candles lit. Sir orders pet to strip him. She does and he slips in to the bath, and pet starts to bathe sir. When she gets down to his dick she realizes it has become erect. She pays special attention to it rubbing it just right, until sir tells her to hurry up and finish his bath. So she goes back to bathing him, once he was bathed he stood up and pet wrapped a towel around him and dried him. “Present your self for inspection pet” barks sir. She stands with her legs spread wide hands on her head as sir comes around checks her over to make sure his property is nice and groomed. He spreads her ass cheeks and puts a bit of lube in her hole as he places a vibrating anal plug in her. He comes down checks her pussy and finds it sopping wet. Sir places a vibrating vaginal plug in your gaping hole and attaches a belt to hold all of your devices in you. Sir now orders you to present for oral sex. You go to your knees and open your mouth. Sir sticks his cock in your mouth and fucks your mouth until he cums down your throat. Sir then tells you to take a bathe and then join him in the den naked. You come down to the den naked with both plugs still in. Sir has you lay down with you head on his lap as he holds you and carresses your body tenderly. I allow you to play with your clit to get your self off. Sir holds you in his arms as you cum, you ask sir if you could remove the vibrating plugs and sir denies you that opportunity and states that you will remain with them in the rest of the weekend. 

Making Her Wet 2015-05-18

I want to take you and place my braided leather leash around your collar as you walk behind me naked on your hands and knees

[13:09:03] SIR: You have been a good pet, so you will get rewarded, but first Sir needs to give you a few maintenance spankings, just to remind you who is in control. Not for punishment.

[13:09:25] SIR: How does my pet want spanked?

[13:22:01] pet: I want to be over your knee sir

[13:25:47] SIR: hmmm

[13:27:07] SIR: I bring you over to a large straight back chair, where I take a seat, you kneel in front of me and look with the look of innocence in your eyes. I bring you up to my lips and kiss you deeply. Before laying you over my knees in position with your ass propped up

[13:27:12] SIR: my ass propped up

[13:27:47] SIR: I spread your legs slightly so I can get my hand on to my wet pussy.

[13:28:02] SIR: I slide my fingers in to your wet pussy and order you to put your hands behind your back.

[13:28:20] SIR: Two fingers deep in to you exploring you on the inside as my thumb is rubbing your clit.

[13:29:04] SIR: I grab your hands and hold both at the same time, as I bring my fingers out of my wet pussy. I bring my fingers up to your mouth and you instantly take them in and suck them as you was sucking my dick.

[13:29:22] SIR: Once they are nice and clean I bring my hand down on your left cheek not to hard, but enough for you to feel it you jerk.

[13:29:28] SIR: I bring it down on your right cheek

[13:29:41] SIR: your hands grasp mine tighter as another smack comes down again

[13:29:51] SIR: The smacks are getting harder, you are holding my hands tighter

[13:30:03] SIR: I stop and rub my wet pussy again

[13:30:17] SIR: You are dripping juices on to my leg.

[13:30:38] SIR: I bring my hand up again and land it hard on your right cheek my hand print is left behind. You wince and squeeze my hand even tighter.

[13:31:14] SIR: I tell you one more, your body tenses, you squeeze my hand very tight you close your eyes. as I bring it down left cheek giving you a matching hand print.

[13:31:45] SIR: I reach over and grab some aloe vera gel and rub it in to my butt cheeks soothing them, cooling them down.

[13:32:13] SIR: I order you to the bedroom you crawl back to the room and wait kneeling with your hands on your head

[13:32:19] SIR: (learn your positions my sub)

[13:32:36] SIR: I come in and tell you to kowtow to me which brings your ass up in the air again.

[13:32:50] SIR: I kneel down behind you and look over my marks

[13:33:09] SIR: I lift you back up and tell you to present for service, you are a good sub so you obey.

[13:33:23] SIR: I slip my cock past your lips, your tongue is rubbing on the underside of my cock

[13:33:49] SIR: I bounce the head of my cock off the back of your throat you gag and I pull it back out slightly.

[13:34:00] SIR: you get your breath and I slide it back down your throat.

[13:34:10] SIR: We repeat this process over and over again several times.

[13:34:16] SIR: Tears are in your eyes from gagging.

[13:34:32] SIR: I tense up and release all of cum in to your mouth

[13:34:40] SIR: You take it all not dropping any of it.

[13:34:47] SIR: I pull my dick out of you.

[13:34:58] SIR: You look at me with the look of please, sir please me.

[13:35:08] SIR: I order you up on the bed on your back.

[13:35:20] SIR: I spread your legs with a staineless steel spreader bar

[13:35:30] SIR: I cuff your hands together in front of you.

[13:35:42] SIR: I give you thumper and tell you please yourself I want to watch.

[13:35:51] SIR: As you start, I enter buzz deep in to your ass.

[13:36:02] SIR: Thumper does its magic and you cum and squirt hard.

[13:36:10] SIR: You take thumper out and lick it clean.

[13:36:24] SIR: I remove your bonds and pick you up in my arms

[13:36:33] SIR: I hold you and kiss you

[13:36:57] SIR: we lay down together holding each other tightly and nap so we can go again in another hour.

Midnight in Paris

The rain comes starts to come down as we are walking down the streets of Paris.

The time is just slightly after midnight, the streets are empty with no one on them.

We are walking hand in hand, you have on a yellow sun dress that is starting to stick to your skin from the rain.

I am wearing some black jeans, with a blue button down shirt. We walk up towards the Eiffel tower, it towers above us as we stand at its base. There is no one around, I push you up against one of the steel beams that hold the tower up and place your hands above you and hold them while I kiss you deeply. I release your hands and you undo my pants as we kiss and reach in and start rubbing my dick. It becomes nice and hard as you drop to your knees and take it in your mouth and make me moan with the work of your tongue. You suck it deep and are cupping my balls in your hands rubbing them gently as you roll your tongue over the head of my dick. I moan loudly and order you up and to turn around. I place your hands up against the steel beam and I fasten your hands to the beam, your ass sticking out towards me. I am rubbing your breasts through your dress. I am massaging them gently. I pull the top of your dress down slightly having your breasts come out. I lift your dress above your head and am happy that my pet obeys me and has no panties on. I kneel down behind you and start licking your hot dripping wet slit as the rain continues to cascade down on top of us. I stand up and insert my dick hard in to your wet pussy. You moan and scream out my name. 


I fuck you hard and deep rubbing your clit with my hands. You are close to climax you ask me please sir may I cum. I pull out and place my cock in to your ass, I quit teasing your clit and fuck your ass until I release my cum in to you. I release your hands and you drop down and start begging me to cum. I take your hand and tell you not now my pet. We continue walking, I would stop every so often and rub your clit until you get close, and then stop.

I find a place in an empty field where I lay you down and pull your legs up high and insert my now hard cock back in you again. I fuck you hard, burying it deep in to you. You are rubbing your clit massaging your breasts as I pound my hot wet pussy. You close your eyes your head convulses back as you scream please SIR may I cum. I kiss you and tell you Cum for me my pet, cum now, cum hard let me feel your pussy clamp down on my cock, let me feel your spasms. You scream my name a wave of orgasm over comes you again and again. Your pussy starts to milk my cock as I start to cum in you again. I pick your limbless body in to my arms and carry you back cum dripping down your leg. You go to wipe the cum off and tell you NO pet leave it leave my seed on you. We go back to the hostel where we lay down cuddled up together and sleep for the night.

My Heart

Love was once thought to be true 

This was till I found something in you
Now I wonder if what I had was real 
Cause I know what I have now is surreal 
Eternity promised this is I to you I swear 
I want you need you need you right here
Here with me never let you go my love
Praying to God in heaven above 
Prayers of joining you hand in hand 
Walking with you on the white sand 
Take you to my place deep in my heart
Hold you when sad I promise never to depart 
When you are mad at me this I tell you 
We will talk it out and I better I will do 
When you are sick and down near I will be
Your love I know is true and all for you and me

Magical Dream

As I lay in my bed my eyes drift, drift off to sleep and in my dreams I am in a magical place I look around everything is beautiful but the most beautiful thing I see is walking towards me.

Eyes that light the world, eyes that are blue as the prettiest sky. A smile that says I am here for you, I am going nowhere. She comes to me she says “Hi Sir, I am your pet, the one you dream of, I am here for you.” and kneels before sir giving herself to him fully.

Sir reaches down raises her head towards his, stares her in the eyes, the piercing blue of sir’s eyes radiates her soul. She feels the deep warmth of compassion she has been needing. Sir’s words are simple. “Good Pet” and with that he locks a collar around her neck. With another click a leash is attached to her collar. He starts walking down this soft path where it leads he does not even know. She follows him on her hands and knees crawling behind him. He stops after walking for a while and checks on her to ensure she is safe and not having any issues. She assures him she is ok and is happy. The continue on.

After a bit longer they come to a place, that appears to the eye as clouds. Sir lays down on them and they are soft and engulf him fully. She comes up and lays between his legs taking his cock in to her hands she starts rubbing it gently until he gets nice and hard when she takes his full shaft in to her mouth. She holds it deep in to her mouth and sucks on it hard. Then she takes his cock out of her mouth and starts kissing his balls and sucking and kissing up and down his shaft. She gets to the head again and licks it all around and sucks hard on just the head. She kisses back down his shaft, hold his balls in her hand she gently massages them. She slides a finger in to his ass and takes his full cock back deep in to her mouth. She continues to suck his cock hard while Sir has her leash in his hands still. He takes her head and pushes her deep on to his cock and starts to cum down her throat. She is a good pet and takes it well she swallows every drop so she thinks. She releases his cock from her mouth and some of his seed spills out on to Sir. She quickly scrambles to lick it up, but sir noticed the transgression.

Sir takes her by the leash and places her squarely over his knees and begins to smack her beautiful tight ass. Pet needs no reminder from sir as each smack comes down she counts off. 1, 2, 3, they keep coming down then it stops and sir slams two fingers in to her tight soaking wet pussy hard and fast. She is taken back by the invasion. She likes it though, and sir starts fucking her pussy with his fingers of his right hand, and then lands another smack. She forgets to count, so caught up by the feeling of her pussy and trying to get off. Sir removes his fingers grabs her by the hair and turns her face to him and scolds her with his words. Pet you failed to count, now your punishment will be harder. Sir looks around and has a thought of a wooden pony, then all of a sudden he sees the most gorgeously built wooden pony right in front of him. Hand crafted out of exotic woods, the craftsman ship was surreal. He takes her over to it, she places one leg on either side with the middle piece of polished wood resting right on her mound. Her hands are tied down to the back of the pony. The pressure on her pussy is a bit of pain and pleasure at the same time. She can relieve the pressure by coming up on her tip toes, but she cannot stay there long, before she falls back on to her pussy. Sir comes around in front of her with a flogger in hand and starts to lightly flog his breasts. She cries out, sir stops reminds her of the safe word. Makes her say it, she states it loudly “PURPLE, master”. Good do you want me to continue my submissive pet? She says “yes master if it pleases you.” He lands some more blows to her breasts each one tenderly, but every so often one that lands a bit harder. she is still performing the dance from her tip toes and back down. This goes on for a long time her sex is sore she wants out, she can’t take much more. Why has sir forsaken me why does he not love me she thinks. After about an hour of punishment sir, releases her picks her up and carries her over to the cloud. He starts rubbing cooling lotion all over her body and tending to her needs. He holds her tight and loves her with all he has. He begins to fuck her from behind as his arms are wrapped around her. He dumps his load deep in to her and then closes his eyes, leaving his pet wanting more. She begs him to let her cum, he says know, and holds her tight in his arms and gives her a kiss as the both fall asleep.

When they awaken a few hours later, she is still wanting pleasure, she dares not ask, but takes his cock in to her mouth and pleases her master again. Sir stops her and tells her “You are a well-trained pet, you may have pleasure” He has her get on her hands and knees and pleasure herself as he takes her in the ass. Sir finishes quickly and just watches his beautiful pet cum. Sir then is awaken by a loud buzzing of the alarm clock and realizes this has been nothing but a dream.


The Dream


Morning sun comes through the blinds filling the room with light.

Your eyes are closed, deep in sleep, still tired from last night.

A night of dreams, a night of passion, you laid tied down in my bed

Your ass in the air, ever so high, face down is where you find your head.


I softly rub your thighs up and down. MY kisses land on your ass.

I take in my hand a plug that is for you, placed in you made of glass.

My fingers trickle over your pussy, tenderly enough just to tease

I slide my fingers deep in your slit, you moan loudly yes please


Straps of leather I hold in my hand, squarly landing nice and true

You want me you need me, this feeling you have is so very new

My cock buried deep and hard, you buck your hips meeting the thurst

My sub screams in much delight, as she cums, she holds all my trust


Open my eyes only see you
Open my eyes no more blue
Open my eyes hear your voice
Open my eyes my only choice
Please I need this to be real
I can’t describe how I feel 
Your love is craved today
Come with me to pray 
Pray for never ending love
Pray for the morning dove
Pray for a heart of peace
Pray for love never decrease

Pets Spanking

My pet down on hands and knees 

Face looks towards the ground

I walk over and hear your pleas

I run my hand over your wet mound


You have been bad accept your fate

Over my knees you are laid and waiting

Yes I am your lover I am your mate

But you need this, always obey your king


Hand in hand at the small of your back

Rubbing your pussy, you are dripping wet

My hand comes down hard with a smack

You grip my hand tighter a good little pet


You count out loud with every blow I land

Thanking your sir, for your newly red ass

One final smack, I deliver with my hand

You wince in pain, but you give me no sass


Time for pleasure for you my little pet

Bent over the chair you are now in place

My cock enters your wet pussy we are set

Thursting hard you struggle to keep the pace


Climax is near, you close your eyes and scream

Your pussy clamps my cock and starts to convulse

I pull out of you and release all of your cream

You collapse to your knees with a rapid pulse


You take my cock in your mouth to finish me

Not long now I scream as I release my seed

You can’t take it all a bit drips I see

I lick your lips kiss you deep away I lead

Lighting the Darkness

Enter in to my dark world to stay

Take my hand let’s go out to play

Pain is all around the place we go

Death and despair no place to grow


Look in to my eyes I will take your soul

Making you my own my only true goal

Eyes so blue, love that shines so bright

The darkness fades your eyes are my light


You show me a new way to live my life

No more deep scars buried by the knife

Hope joy love is the new path I found

My chains gone no longer feel bound


Bound by the fear in me that daily arose

Now heart is open and freely flows

Flows of love, joy, hope and pure happiness

Now the darkness is gone and no more sadness


Pet my life is owed to you my saving grace

You hold me, sing to me take me to your place

One day I promise to return the favor

My love for you eternal will never waiver

No Good Bye’s

Chest heavy, pain for days, need relief, truly afraid to die

Love can’t be reached, too scared of a permanent good bye

Nurses all around, poking, prodding, hooking up the electrode

Take this pill, it will make you better, hoping I don’t code


Truly scared, is something I never knew, wanting to remain

Remain on this earth, no heaven yet, but I feel much pain

Love finds me, tells me she cares, I still remain in fear

Hide my fear from her eyes, I will be ok I promise my dear


Doctor comes hastily in, says your heart is truly in tact

What a relief, I thought I was having another heart attack

All is good to her I say, close your eyes and dream of me

For you are my dream, to forever to be with her my only plea