My Needs

Your obedience is my desire, your kneeling and waiting my only want, feel the touch of my whip as it stings your back side.


Once you was broken, I have put you back together, now I need to have you, need to let master out to play, soon you and I.


Tears will fall, bruises will come, I will hold and love you regardless of what you say, you are my submissive bride.


Hold you in my arms as the pain begins to subside, rub your body remove the pain, no you will no longer cry.


For my passion burns strong, my love runs deep, my whip is ready, present your self, now kneel before me at my feet.


Take you hard as my aching member crashes in to you, feel myself deep in to you, take it all let me hear you scream.


My pledge to you, never will I take you for granted, hold and love, strip you of all control, soon face to face to meet.


Now you moan in great delight, your body tenses, the feeling is right, you cry out my name as you release your cream.


My cock hardens, under the clamp you now have on me, I drive it in you harder and faster, eruption soon to come.


Take it out for one last moment, down in front suck on it hard, taste our juices as they intertwine and begin to mingle.


Open wide little girl, take it all in feel you gag, involuntary reflex soon to stop, suck it all every last crumb.


Dripping down the back of your throat you feel my cum flow in to your belly, your body reacts with a sweet little tingle.

The Torment Game

Day 1 of the torment game, you look at me with wander wondering what this new game is I have devised. I pull at a die as you look and you realize this will be a game of chance. I tell you to roll the first die and you roll a 4. I write the 4 down on a piece of paper. I tell you to roll it again, and you roll a 6, I also write it down. One more roll I tell you this time you roll a 3 and I write it down. I scribble some stuff down on the paper and hand it to you. It says “Multiplier-1 = 4 Multiplier-2 = 6 Days of torment=24, edge interval=3. You look confused and ask for an explanation. I state the rules are simple. For the next 24 days you are not allowed to orgasm UNLESS, you roll a specific number on a set of dice. Each morning you will roll two dice and if you get the following combination then you will be able to orgasm.

A pair of 1s means Daddy will give you an orgasm with your lolli in kitty.

A pair of 2s means you will masturbate to orgasm for Daddy while sucking his lolli.

A pair of 3s means Daddy will kiss and lick lolli until you orgasm.

A pair of 4s and you can orgasm while masturbating your Lolli will be in your bum.

A pair of 6s though is bad and your days start over again.

You ask about the edge interval, “Oh I almost forgot” I tell you, “that you are required to edge every 3 hours until you finally get released, if you have not rolled a suitable pair by day 24, they you will have forced orgasms on that day for a period of time”

“One more thing, before we get started Daddy will every day, eat kitty when he gets home until you are close, then he will back off and fuck kitty till once again you are close, at that point you will suck him and drink his cum.” 


“When does the game start” you ask? right now princess it is 3pm on May 1st the game will end on May 24th at 3pm or before depending on the numbers you roll. Go ahead and roll the two dice and lets see if you get to come today. You roll a 3 and a 4. “What does that mean Daddy?” that means that you will receive 12 spankings today 2×4=12 now bend over my knees and lets pull those panties down so I can get the 12 spankings done.


You bend over my knees and I pull your panties down to your ankles and rub your bum, before I lay may hand hard on your left cheek leaving a print from the slap, I hear “One daddy thank you”, I alternate cheeks harder with each slap. you count and thank me for each one, at the end my hand is sore and your bum is nice and bright red. I reach over and take some aloe and rub in to you deeply and push you on to the bed and tell you to edge, your next edge will be at 6pm set a reminder.


You lay back on the bed, and begin to rub kitty, it does not take long a matter of seconds before you are edging, you are so close just the right touch and you will orgasm, I tell you keep rubbing till I say stop…. 5… 4….. 3…. 2…. 1…. STOP. You collapse back and lay there breathless.


I decide to change the rules slightly, my game I think I can do what I want. So each day when you roll those numbers will be multiplied together to get how many spankings you get that day. But the red die will indicate how you are spanked and the black die will indicate where. Here is how it will work.

1= Hand/Bum                

2= Crop/Breasts

3= Cane/Kitty

4= Whip/Soles of Feet

5= Belt/My Choice

6= Flogger/Your Choice




This is being wrote in to a full book, stay tuned for more details coming soon……..


Caged & Tortured

I wake up, and look for you, and I remember you was bad the evening before, so I locked you in your cage. I decide that I need to torment you some more as I get out of the bed I walk over to the corner where you are still uncomfortably caged, you are alseep curled up on the floor of the cage. I wake you as I reach through the opening and start placing clamps on my kitty. I give the command to present and you get up on all fours and I grab your ankles through the cage and pull you back so your ass is pressed up against the bars, kitty is seperated by one of the bars as well. I tie your legs in to place and order your face down in the cage with your hands out the front and I tie them off as well. I slide a bowl of water in to you so you can drink as I go back to the backside and finish clamping kitty. I unscrew the bar that you are pressed up against giving me full access to kitty. I take the clamps that are attached to your lips and pull them to the side and tie them off to the cage so you are held wide open and any movement puts more pressure on your lips.

I place a stainless steel dildo in to kitty, and attach the electrodes to it sending electricty in to kitty shocking you gently your body is convulsing from the feeling. I strap it in you so you can not move. I come around to the front and reach in and grab a hand full of hair and yank you forward and shove my cock in to your mouth. As you are sucking on me I crank the voltage up shocking you even more you gasp and almost bite down on me as I grab your hair and shove myself deeper in to your mouth. I tell you to hold your mouth still as I control my thrusts and I shove your lolli all the way down your throat as you begin to gag and eyes water I pull it out and go back around to my kitty. I yank the steel out of you, and insert the anal hook in and bring the rope up through the top of the cage to a pully over head and out to the front and attach a clamp to your tongue and tie the hook off to your tongue clamp. My kitty is still spread open nice and wide as I light a candle and begin dripping hot wax all down my kitty.

After I melt all the wax down kitty, I take a cat of nine tails and begin to whip it making her nice and wet. Trickles of sweat and fluid start to form. She is nice and hot to the touch from the abuse of the whip, as I lay my hand on her and jam my fingers roughly in to her you scream in pain from the stress of my palm on the wounds I just inflicted. My kitty quivers as an orgasm from the pain rushes over your body you become flush from the feeling, collapsing to the floor of your cage. I take some icy hot and rub all over kitty which brings you back up straight away the pain of the gell in your wounds make you have another orgasm, I begin to flog your ass and then I walk away and come back and take a hose and direct an ice cold stream directly on kitty cleaning you off. Finally I take alligator clips and clamp them down on your clit as the pain surges through your body you begin to break down in pain and delight, the pain is overwhelming you as I open the front of the cage and grab your hair and force myself in to your mouth as I begin to cum I pull out and shoot my load all over your precious angelic face, your tears mixed with my hot load drip down you innocent face as I slam the door shut and lock it once again. I remove your binds and take you out and carry you to a warm bath and hold you close to me as I bathe you and comfort you.