Soon we will see

Crying, fear, screaming, set me free, need to run, not away, but run to, run to you, destroy the fear, no fear, all but gone, just needs, needing you, needing control, no control, all gone too, need dominance, not anymore, again soon, need love, that I have, no worries, no fears, no screaming, no crying, lay before me, let me see you, take my hand, come with me, another land, lets run away, start anew, no more blue, kiss you, love you, lick you, take me in to you, hold me close, no, I hold you close, bring you with me, to my ideal, my utopia, need that touch, need it soon, kneel down, on my head a crown, I am a king, you are my princess, true delight, no fright, love abscessed, overflowing, too much love, never can be, share with you, share with me. Touch my soul, touch my rod, let me lick you, let me hear you moan, tired of being alone, cuddle you, spoon on the floor, in the bed, you are stuck in my head. Reach down touch me again, baby girl it is not a sin. Kiss me, lick me, fuck me, soon we will see. 


Centered around your neck, the prettiness of the stainless steel shines locked in to place, your Daddy loves you more this day.

On bended knees, you wait, as I approach with it in my hand, tilt your head back as I place it around, and snap the lock down.

Let it dangle, feel the weight, feel the love, the symbolism of you and I, is more then a piece of metal, it is pure love I say.

Little One, you are the first, truly are to be offered this gift, No one before you, no not even her, your loved removed a frown.

Ask yourself, are you worthy to be my submissive? Worthy to be my baby girl? Worthy to love me forever? Worthy to be mine.

Remember this, remember it clearly, the answer to those questions is simple, the answer is yes, forever you will be.

Only you will forever be my property, the stainless around your neck is the significance of this, missing with no shine.

Never, forget my love, forget that I own you, please show the world in our own little way, that you are owned, not free.