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Her First Time

Tonight Master makes you scream
In your room waiting with fear
Enters Master with a certain gleam

Your sex is wet and dripping about
On your knees as I enter in here
Up on the bed please you shout

Under my spell I come to you
Place your trust in me my pet
Sexual wetness is like the morning dew

Loud screams are not of displeasure
U I do care for, I am not your threat
Today you scream during orgasm, thank you sir

Abandoned Hope

Absence of love, scarred in absolute pain
Looks of an angel, tears from the rain

Empty heart, broken soul, with abandoned hope
Xamine yourself, take my hand and we can cope

Majestic eyes, beauty all the way through
Your heart is pure, no more time to be blue

Perfection found, love abound, happiness found

Every breath, every thought, pure in heart
Take me away to your secret place never to depart.

The Choice I Made

She came wanting to submit

We talked until I was content

Submissiveness ready so she said

Kneeling at the foot of my bed



I saw the darkness and became sad

The pain inflicted not wanting to add

I told her no submission for her

She no longer needed to call me sir



My pet she will always belong

Caring for her has no wrong

Holding tenderly the face in my mind

Her words of love are so very kind



Mine to protect I do accept the role

Filling the void of the empty hole

Wishing to hold her in my embrace

Staring contently in to her face


Mind has changed dom no longer

My passion continues to burn stronger

Naughty for me yes this may be true

But no more tears causing me to be blue

Losing the Mask

This sir wears a mask to hide his emotion

Your caring has cast a spell a magic potion

The mask is no more in the abyss is lays

Sharing my soul no more afraid of these days


Secretly broken death was my only true wish

You broke the spell just like snow whites kiss

Now I am alive continuing to relish my life

The pain still there, but no more stabbing knife


Compassionate blue eyes seeks my inner soul

My broken heart no longer has a large hole

Sealed with your kiss sealed with your passion

My sweet pet cares for me that’s not old fashion

Self Loathing

The pain, the pain from the drops of the rain

cause my brain, to try to sustain, but all in vain

Emptiness, desperation, broken, desiring love not to get

Thought of darkness, saved by my the compassion of my pet


drunk on spirits, drunk on desire, drunk on passion

Letting go, holding on, change of heart, ready for action

Alive in spirit alive in passion, ready for another dance

700 miles away, your words are inspiration, glad for the chance


The chance to know, the chance to care, the chance to feel

Feel the caring of another again, hoping this is all for real

broken promises i think are of the past, broken hope no more

self denial gone for good, inner peace has found in me galore


Hoping this is not another nightmare to endure

I think the words and caring is nothing but pure

The yes bring joy to my heart, keep me close 

Angel from heaven I found, pretty as a rose

Pleasing Sir

Wet and ready my slut declares

Serve me with your mouth if she dares

Licks my cock up and down all around 

Her technique erases this sirs permanent frown


Ass up in the air ready to proceed

Cock invades harder she pleads

Touch your pussy I think not today

For this sir wants to be selfish and have his way

Comforting Pet

My pet sick and not feeling well

For her I will go to the depths of hell

The sickness she feels right now

If I could would take away oh how


Hold you in my arms tightly securely

My compassion I will show you purely 

Stroke your hair caress your face 

Caring I will show just like Gods grace 


Cook for you feed you bathe you

Lavender laid down before so don’t be blue

Tenderly bathing no sexual intentions

Gentle massage to relive all of your tensions

The Key to Happiness

Few days away with fun in the sun 

Ready for home no more on the run

Miss my pet want my teddy lil a

Cuddle at night shows a caring way


A true friend I have found in you no doubt 

Midwest bound the south is what it’s about 

Mississippi gal beautiful pure and true

Brightens the rainbow every color every hue


Lay down my life take you by the hand

Make you the princess of my little land 

Ruler of my kingdom this i may be

But secretly you hold the only key


Key to what you may want to know

The key to my happiness, I do show 

A long time coming no more despair

Romantic compassion for you I care