Midnight in Paris

The rain comes starts to come down as we are walking down the streets of Paris.

The time is just slightly after midnight, the streets are empty with no one on them.

We are walking hand in hand, you have on a yellow sun dress that is starting to stick to your skin from the rain.

I am wearing some black jeans, with a blue button down shirt. We walk up towards the Eiffel tower, it towers above us as we stand at its base. There is no one around, I push you up against one of the steel beams that hold the tower up and place your hands above you and hold them while I kiss you deeply. I release your hands and you undo my pants as we kiss and reach in and start rubbing my dick. It becomes nice and hard as you drop to your knees and take it in your mouth and make me moan with the work of your tongue. You suck it deep and are cupping my balls in your hands rubbing them gently as you roll your tongue over the head of my dick. I moan loudly and order you up and to turn around. I place your hands up against the steel beam and I fasten your hands to the beam, your ass sticking out towards me. I am rubbing your breasts through your dress. I am massaging them gently. I pull the top of your dress down slightly having your breasts come out. I lift your dress above your head and am happy that my pet obeys me and has no panties on. I kneel down behind you and start licking your hot dripping wet slit as the rain continues to cascade down on top of us. I stand up and insert my dick hard in to your wet pussy. You moan and scream out my name. 


I fuck you hard and deep rubbing your clit with my hands. You are close to climax you ask me please sir may I cum. I pull out and place my cock in to your ass, I quit teasing your clit and fuck your ass until I release my cum in to you. I release your hands and you drop down and start begging me to cum. I take your hand and tell you not now my pet. We continue walking, I would stop every so often and rub your clit until you get close, and then stop.

I find a place in an empty field where I lay you down and pull your legs up high and insert my now hard cock back in you again. I fuck you hard, burying it deep in to you. You are rubbing your clit massaging your breasts as I pound my hot wet pussy. You close your eyes your head convulses back as you scream please SIR may I cum. I kiss you and tell you Cum for me my pet, cum now, cum hard let me feel your pussy clamp down on my cock, let me feel your spasms. You scream my name a wave of orgasm over comes you again and again. Your pussy starts to milk my cock as I start to cum in you again. I pick your limbless body in to my arms and carry you back cum dripping down your leg. You go to wipe the cum off and tell you NO pet leave it leave my seed on you. We go back to the hostel where we lay down cuddled up together and sleep for the night.

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