Turning off the darkness

The skies are black from the storms that have rolled in

My heart was once black, fractured, and ready for the end

She came wanting to explore, I just wanted to dominate

The Lord had another plan, another idea, for my fate


Days pass, hours tick away, black started turning white

I said no more love, not in me, I can’t do it right

You took my virtual hand, and placed it on your heart

I felt the beats, even tho we are 700 miles apart


I will not fall, this I said again, no love for me

I am no good, I tried to explain no love cant you see

Broken, fractured, darkened, wanting only solitude

Seductive, beautiful Goddess, I am finding a new mood


A new mood of caring, a new pair of of being happy

Yes, I know this poem is becoming a bit sappy

So I take my hand and place it on her angelic face

I have new found hope and love, thanks to her grace


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