Babygirl & Daddy

Beautiful and sweet, all mine what a delight.

Adorable baby girl, we wait for our night.

Being together, nothing else matters, forever.

You and I princess meant to be, never sever.

Grace of God, delivered you to me to protect.

In me caring and loving, for you never neglect.

Rain may make the skies, dark and gray.

Losing myself in your smile, my own sun ray.

Affirmation, of love, Daddy forever is here.

No more worries, Daddy takes your fear.

Do me one favor, tell me all about your pain.

Daddy will always be here, demons are slain.

Around your pinkie I am wrapped, forever true.

Daddy would want it no other way, never be blue.

Destiny brought us together, found the real me.

Your heart, held deep in to my soul, I love thee.