Late Night Working

“Princess”, you hear daddy say, “I will be working on the computer late tonight I have a lot of work to get done, I trust you will be a good girl and give me some time.”

Your lip sticks out a bit as you pout a bit… “OK Daddy, I will behave” as you crawl away with a smirk. I hear some mumbling, but can’t understand your words.


I shake my head and think to myself “silly babygirl”. Back to typing and doing what I need to do. A little while goes by and I have not heard a peep from you. I get up to stretch out and remove my shirt and strip down to my boxers to relax a bit. I go back to work. I lay my head back a bit and look up as I hear a sound behind me, I look back and don’t see anything. Back to typing, soon I hear the sound again and I look in my mirror on my monitor and I see my babygirl crawling towards me. I turn around and you stop moving, I ask “what are you doing”, no reply. “Baby, what are you doing?” I hear you reply “I am not here daddy, I am a figment of your imagination.” I go back to work and let you play. You look so cute as you crawl bunny ears on, a pink nappy, and your paci in your mouth. You crawl under my desk and begin to rub against my leg. “Baby, what are you doing?” “meow, I a kitty daddy not a person, I can’t talk” and begins to rub against my leg again. You then push my chair backwards away from the desk, and I go flying backwards about 10 feet away from you and you quickly crawl towards me and yell RAWR as you pounce on me landing in my lap.

You begin to wiggle your butt against daddy and wrap your arms around my neck and reach forward to kiss me. “Daddy, I need your attention please daddy, please, I need you….” “but baby, I really have to get this paper done”. You reach down and begin to rub lolli, “Daddy, I need to feeeeeel lolli, please daddy, I be good afterwards I pwomise”.

I snap my head back look at the ceiling and think… “Yep, wrapped, I am wrapped around her little finger…. OK Baby I am all yours” “Daddy, please don’t be mad at me, but me thinks I had an accident and need your help first….” I pick you up and carry you to the bed and lay you down, “Don’t move I will be right back” I come back with powder and baby wipes, as I remove your nappy, I don’t see anything wet. I ask “Thought you had an accident?” “I did see” as you put a finger in to kitty and hold it up to my face… “ALL WET DADDY!!”


I begin to lick your finger as I tell you “let daddy check for himself” I slide a finger in to you and bring it out “Yep nice and wet, has baby girl been playing with kitty?” “with a shy smile, you reply maybe daddy, I don’t remember”. I quickly pick you up and place you over my knees and begin spanking you quickly and hard, each cheek I land a hard smack down on until I hear a whimper come from you “I sorwy daddy, I sorwy” I rub your burning bum as I carress you in my arms for a moment then go back to my chair.

You drop to the floor and crawl over to me and take lolli out as you begin to lick it up and down, before taking the full thing in to your mouth you suck on it hard gagging a bit as I fully invade your small tiny mouth.  My hands are grabbing your hair as I force my self deeper in to you holding you in place as you gag and your eyes begin to tear up before releasing you for a breath.  You suck harder and faster trying to make daddy squirt your creamy filling.

“STOP!” you hear me exclaim, “stand up and turn around let me see your wrists behind you.” I quickly bind your wrists together and guide you backwards and sit you down as lolli invades in to kitty. You begin to bounce on lolli and I hear you begin to moan…. “Daddy, daddy, daddy, I thinks I need to cum, may I please cum…. Daddy please” I reply to you “NO!” and wrap my hand around the front of your neck pulling you backwards in to me….

I begin to kiss your neck, as I remain buried in you, you are fighting the orgasm from erupting. My hand reaches around and begins to massage your breasts roughly pinching your nipples that are nice and perk. “On the floor baby girl, please Daddy at once” you get down on your knees in front of me, and take lolli in your mouth licking all of your juices off of you. I begin to run my foot up and down kitty invading her with my toes as you grind on me trying to get release. I push you all the way down on me, as I tense up and begin to explode in down your throat.

“Stand up let me see your wrists” I untie them from behind you and order you to the bed, you lay down on your back and I tie your wrists to your ankles, and place a magic wand directly on kitty. I tell you ” I am going to go finish my paper, and when I am done you will be able to cum and only then, if you cum before hand, I will lock kitty in a belt so she will not have any pleasure for a long long time….” You whimper as I walk back to my desk and begin working again.


I hear behind me your moans and your whimpers as you fight the orgasms… you begin to please “please daddy, I need release, please daddy, please” I become slightly annoyed as I get up and come over to you and take a pair of panties and get them nice and wet in kitty and gag you with them and wrap tape around to keep them in place. “Now, I can concentrate and get my work done.” before I walk away I smack both of my breasts and walk back to my computer.

I work on my final paper for another 30 minutes or so and come back to you, a dripping wet mess. I remove your gag, and the magic wand, and ask “are you ready for pleasure now?” “Please daddy, I need it so bad I ache for you”. I lay down between your legs and begin to lick kitty as I suck on your clit and finger you hard and rough, you ask me “Please daddy may I cum now…” my reply is short “YES” with that you instantly start to spaasm your body goes in to convulsions, every muscle tightens up, as your pending release comes, you arche your back and scream my name “DAAAAADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” with that a geyser of juice erupts from kitty soaking me my beard begins to drip your juices, as your cum drips all over the place, I continue to work your clit with my tongue as I untie you and release you. I come up and have you lick me clean. I then hold you close to me and rock you gently as we both fall asleep in a sticky wet mess on the bed.