Joined in Unison

The morning rains pour down some more, as we find a place to hide from the storm

Your love has taken me by surprise, not a day goes by waiting for you, for you to inform

Inform me of your love, and how much you care, my heart burns deep with no more despair

Your eyes take me to a trance like state, losing you is no longer in my mind, no more fear


Talks of love, talks of passion, talks of you and I at last together, take you by my hand

Come with me, let me show you my love, it is time now, time for you to feel my brand

My brand comes in the form of my hand, as it leaves its mark on your taunt little ass

I ask what you need now, you reply “you sir”, you have me and my love never to surpass


My love is shown in many ways, I will always care this we know, Sir needs to be stern tho

Kneel before me, and let it show, as I give you what you need and my love will always flow

Over my knee it is time for you to see, as I smack the ass that I do now and forever own

Leave my mark, my hand print will remain, hold my hand, as I hear you start to moan


Service me this I need, take my cock in your hands, give it a kiss, make love to me please

Let me part your lips, as I enter in, your tongue I feel on my cock, forever love, my guarantee

Suck me well, kiss every inch, lick my cock, and massage my balls, finger my ass as you go

Ready to cum, I feel it build, not ready yet, for you I must please, on all fours, I will now go slow


Behind you I am kissing your neck, kissing your spine, making love to you with my mouth

Slowly down I trace my kisses, looking for that special spot, that spot I will find further south

Lube you up so no pain is felt, finger the ass gently, before filling you up with a nice size plug

Gently insert it in, you do moan, as I touch my soaking wet pussy, as I grasp your hair with a tug


Slide my cock in you deep, slow penetration, as you arch your back, fully in, all you feel is me

Harder I hear you start to say, you beg of me, to fuck you hard, I do not even hear your plea

Still going deep and slow, teasing you greatly, you buck against me, I smack my ass nice and hard

Slowly in and back out again, fingers tracing over your clit, you continue to plea, no more regard


I slam my cock in you at last hard and deep you have a gasp, tempo builds deeper each thrust

You ask for permission to cum, you are almost there, I tell you to wait, my body I need to adjust

Turn you over legs in the air, I enter you hard with no despair, in you deep, as I make love to you

Ready to climax, you plead again, I am nearly ready my pet, just a moment longer, I hear you coo


My cock begins to explode with might, I tell you to cum do it now, cum with me my beautiful pet

Spasms come over your body, my cock buried deep, my pussy clamping harder, the mood is set

Staring at each other, as we hit our peak, a beautiful picture you and me, cumming together at last

Pick you up, bring you in to my arms, hold you tight, together in the moment, forgetting all of the past


Lay beside you, on our love bed, cuddled together, our love does bloom, your head lays on my chest

I look at you and think of how lucky I am, to have a beautiful lady, a obedient pet, baby your the best

Asleep we soon do drift in to, joined together hand in hand, bodies together as our soul and hearts unite

All dark skies gone at last, all feelings of sadness vanquished from our minds, our love shines day and night 

Beauty and the Beast – Part II

You fell asleep in his arms, he carried you to a bed, a bed of silk, a bed of comfort, a bed of love
He stands over you watching you breathe, he puts his head down to your chest feels your heart beat
He covers you with a sheet of silk, cooling touch on your skin, on the window sill sits a morning dove
He lays beside you, holds you tight, his skin next to yours, his love you know is true he has no deceit

You awaken with him holding you tight, you are fully at peace, wanting to please, you look in his face
You see his eyes, you see his compassion, you see his soul, he wants you to fully submit to his call
He takes your hand, and leads you away from the room, to a room a room of pure white tile, a new place
In this room he opens a door, and leads you forth to a place to shower, he ties your hands to the wall

He starts the water, nice and warm, your body he begins to spray, spray down with the gentle flow
He lathers the loofa, with some lavender soap, the smell relaxes your body, your heart begins to melt
He gently scrubs you down, paying attention to your special spots, he takes his time nice and slow
You have new feelings, new feelings of love, new feelings of elation, you know his touch is heart felt

Untie you he does now do, as he lays you down on your back, he spreads you open, anticipation mounts
He takes his hand, applies some cream, he rubs it in deep around your mound, his fingers begin to trace
Tracing your parted lips you do now feel, as he rubs in this special cream, as your mind beings the recounts
Recounting how you arrived at this place, a lonely walk with a broken heart, now you are in a kindred place

His razor comes forth as he shaves you down, leaving nothing but the hair above your pretty mound
Clean and new, you now do feel, as he kisses your pretty face with a kiss of passion, a kiss of desire
Up you come on your knees, collar still locked tightly on, you start to hear a melodious sound
You reach for him, his solid cock, you take it in your hands, as you listen to the singing of the angels choir

One beast, one beauty together at last, God ordained this relationship, brought together by only fate
Your lips open as he slides in you, your feel his cock slowly grow, your fire burns with an intense heat
As you make love your mouth his cock, you ponder the life you now have found with your new soul mate
Slowly taking all of him in, your tongue works magic, your lips are subtle, as your pussy begins to secrete

You look in his eyes, with him in your mouth, your eyes ask if he would take you now, your eyes are met
He brings you over to the bed of white, lays you down, begins to feast, oh your newly shaved wet slit
Your back arches, your eyes close, you want to scream his name, but his name you do not know yet
His tongue brings you joy and passion, your climax begins to build, as he sucks deep on your swollen clit

Please sir, I want to know, please tell me your name, make it so, I want to cum, please now let me scream
Call me sir, is what I am, I am your lover, I am your friend, my name is just a mystery, you may cum now for me
You scream out sir, I love you so, as the wave of climax comes to you, you pray this is not just a dream
His cock does now erupt in you, feels you full of his special seed, you and him together forever, he gives you a key

A key to his heart, the key to his soul, you begin to feel something different in your chest, a double beat
A double beat of your heart, two hearts joined in a special bond, his love for you never to be undone
Holds you comforts you, keeps you safe, his promise to you is never to leave, always love never defeat
Your eternal life, has now been rooted, rooted with sir, you still ponder this new love that we have spun




Beauty and the Beast – Part I

Alone you walk in to the darkness of the night, the air is cool, the wind blows, the moon is hidden
You find the man of your dreams, standing in the darkness, you walk up wanting to know more
He reaches forward takes your hand brings you standing in front of him, you know this is forbidden
You want nothing more then to feel his touch, his embrace, you are fully attracted to his allure

Your dress cloaked in white, he places his hand on your chin, as he tilts your head back
He brings his lips to meet yours, the soft kiss he does bring, your eyes close pure bliss
He slides the top of your dress down, exposing your breasts, he is ready for the attack
His cups your breasts in his hand as he reaches forth with his mouth tasting his new miss

You feel the cloth ripped away, more shown to him this man, this person, this new found beast
You are his beauty found him you did, he takes you to his castle, in to his dungeon you go
Prepared before you is a table of galore, wine is poured lips taste the nectar, you are ready to feast
You follow him deeper in to his realm, back to the darkness, you beg of him please go slow

He asks of you are you ready to submit, call me sir and kneel before me if you are ready today.
You kneel down before this man, you lower your eyes, you think, then you speak “I am yours sir”
He comes around you and you feel the steel, the steel of the collar, I now own you he does say.
Yes sir, I am your pet I will obey, I want to please you in every way, You hear her start to purr

Bend over this leather bench, place your knees on either side, he begins to strap you down
Lifting your dress, exposing your ass, blindfolded you now find yourself, no moving locked in place
You wait in anticipation, nerves on edge, you fear never, you feel his hand on your wet mound
Fingering you slowly he does now go, inserts an plug nice and slow, the love is seen in his face

You feel a pain on your ass, as his flogger does strike nice and hard, his mark on you left behind
His cock fills your hole, your hair in his grasp, you moan as he begins to fuck you slow and hard
You find your emotions overwhelming, emotions of pure love and lust, love that you never could find
The other day the tarot shuffled and dealt forth, and came forth the Knight of Cups was your card

His cock moves at a faster pace, you come close to reaching your ultimate climax, please sir you say
You come closer to the edge, holding back, waiting for a sound, your new sir you have found true love
He answers not and continues to fuck, you beg again may I cum sir, you hear him state yes you may
You climax hard, and scream loud, you thank sir, and are thankful from God in the heavens above

Unbound you are now let down, in his arms he holds you tight, his touch brings you inner peace
Laid down side by side, holding each other tight, his hands hold your face, staring eye to eye
Now our love is fully rooted, our trust is fully bloomed, our passions are only able to increase
Making intense love with our eyes, as we vow to never in this life say to each other good bye





Punished Love

Down a rustic path in the wilderness we walk you 3 steps behind with your leash in my hand
The cool spring day, has the animals out all in play, what a site my pet naked with her man

To the clearing we now do go, trees around, your fate is sealed, my pet it is time to serve
On your knees I order at once, you drop down with out a fuss, my cock you take I do observe

In your hands you ask if you may, I give you a nod of permission, so you can play
Your tongue comes out licking the bottom of my cock, suck and kiss I do now say

You slide it past your pretty lips, down your throat you hold it in with a gag
I reach behind, and bring something forth, you look up and see my toy bag

You wonder what I may have in store, what prizes await my pet this afternoon
Stay here in this love, wait here all day, stay until the night shows us its moon

Cock explodes down your throat, you choke and gag, but spill not one drop
I take you over and lay you down, a pillow under you, your ass is now on top

Kiss it gently, softly I do rub, with my hand high above, I bring it down hard and true
Your whimper I hear loud and clear, I smack my ass more, till it turns to a red hue 

Pour cool lotion al l over you, rub it in makes you nice and cool, I see your smile
Just wait and see, this will be your victory, I will make you mine in an afterwhile

Bend you over a down tree limb, arms spread wide I now do bind nice and tight
Take your legs spread them out, bound down again, pussy exposed, what a site.

Cock invades my tight wet slit, you moan and groan as I push in, deeper I go
Bottomed out, no more to give, I stand motionless as I rub my engorged clit

May I cum I hear you exclaim, not now I say, as ice invades that ass of mine
You plead again may I cum! NO not yet I say again, plug inserted see it shine

Please sir you beg some more, I need some release, I can’t take it no more
NO I say final time, my cock comes out and I flog you making you sore

You start to squirt, I flog you harder, you disobeyed my sweet little pet
You look in my eyes and see disappointment, there you are soaking wet

My flogger starts to come up between your legs, landing on those thick lips
I grab my pussy with my hands I bury my fingers, deep inside you move your hips

Cum again now I say or else more punishment you will endure by my hand
You push hard against my hand, grinding with all you got, not want to feel my brand

You scream in pure delight, cumming hard what a sight, your head pulled back to look at me
Waves of orgasm invade over and over, your eyes closed, I love this picture I now see

Bury my cock back in you, harder you buck as I fuck, fuck you hard fuck you deep
Feel my cock, feel it deep, I am close ready to release, release my cum let it seep

Reach and untie you now, I let you down, on the ground, clean your self I do command
You finger your hole finding my seed, bring it out in your mouth with your hand

Lay you down, sleep you must, my tired pet, full of lust, moon now bright high above.
I hold you in my compassiona te arms, I stare in to you deep, this I say you are my love

Love Sealed, Hearts Healed

Laid down in a bed of roses, wet and waiting for your sir

I come up to you take you by your hand I hear your purr


I pick you up in my arms, stare in to your eyes, with a kiss

Lay you down in the bed face down flog you hard I don’t miss


Kiss that sweet tasting wet pussy, my ass is glowing red

You ask for more, you beg for more, I hear you start to plead


Pick you up again, lay you across my lap hands behind your back

I raise my hand high and bring it down hard against no love lack


Spank again and again, you squeal in pain, my ass burning hot

You scream purple, I stop at once, hurting you is not my plot


Lotion added to my hand rubbed over the redness, bring you down

Hold you tight, love you deep, comfort you till you are feeling sound


Throw you down on the our soft bed, raise your ass ready for my invasion

Present to your lips a steel plug for you to kiss, add it in part of the equation


Lubed and ready it gently goes in, my ass pushes wanting it deeper

Head turned staring at me, your love is on fire, our passion burns steeper


I place my cock at the entrance of the forbidden fruit that is mine

You push back trying to take me in, you look at me wanting a sign


I pull back keeping you wanting, pushing the plug in rhythmic notion

Your eyes beg beg for my cock, I love you much, I love your emotion


I give you a nod, you push back against me, I enter you deep and hard

You rock your hips, pushing in and out, love for us no more on guard


Hands reaching behind you grabbing me by mine, as our bodies dance

You squeeze my hand tighter, your body goes stiff, you are in a trance


Your pussy spasms, your eyes close, your mouth opens, you moan 

My cock reacts wanting to go deeper, I cum with you, never alone


I go down between your legs, kiss the clit, lick my juices from you

To your mouth I do now kiss, sharing our love, more passion ensues


Side by side we lay, eyes fixated, my hand roams the body I own

You touch me gently, playing with your cock, you make me groan



I slide up behind you as you turn facing away, the plug I remove

My cock takes its place, sliding in gently I hope you approve


Reaching around your pussy in my hand, fingering you deep

Your hands reached behind rubbing my chest, soon we sleep


You gasp with much delight, I am buried deep in you holding tight

I fuck you hard, fingers invade, fuck you good, it feels so right


I fill my ass with all of my seed, my pussy squirts all over the bed

I hold you close not removing myself, holding each other nothing said


No words are needed as our love is known and now has been sealed

Asleep together in bliss divine, our bodies united, hearts fully healed











Missing Love

Wanting, missing, longing, needing, without, your love

Day lingers, feels like hell, wanting to just see your face

Hear your words, is my need, soothes my soul the pain of

Come near, hold my heart, take my hand, lets go to a place


A place away from all of our troubles, a place made for us

Pure utopia, our own eden, together in pure blissful lust

Hurry my love, we need to go, need to catch the last bus

The bus will take us to our private paradise I am ready to bust


Bust out of this hell, need my baby to hold, stare in her eyes

Never let her go, too scared she wont come back again

If love was to leave me, my heart would break, my soul dies

Lets hold each other naked together forever, skin to skin

Tied in pink

Tied with your wrists attached to your ankles, pretty in pink.

Your mind goes numb, as you lay helpless trying to think

Think of what is to become, as your sir hovers ever so near

Holds your head in my hands, looks in your eyes a silent stare


My lips touch your soft lips engaged in a passionate kiss

I move away you reach wanting more, my lips you do miss

Open your mouth wide, the gag is placed inside, now mute

Straddling your head I stare in to your eyes, love is absolute


Between your legs I slide, my tongue in to my wet slit

My mouth sucking and licking your nice engorged clit

Your backside is invaded with a nice cold steel plug

You wiggle in bliss, your heart races as if on a new drug


My soft subtle pussy drips your love on to the ground

My ass I hold in my hands so very nice and round

My tongue deeper in to you, as you convulse and cum

I release your bondage, your heart is beating like a drum


You turn over and get on all fours, you are such a good pet

I come behind you and mount you, waiting anxious no fret

Enter you deep, enter you hard, your release a loud moan

My cock invading you ever so deep never again shall we be alone


My cock ready to explode, as I smack my ass with a bare hand

You cum again as I fill you deep, my seed mixing as we planned

Remove your gag hear your words, the words of love I need to hear

Collapse together rest for a moment, eye to eye stuck in a stare


another day closer

Days turn to night another day closer to paradise

Closer to touching my love and holding my pet

Come to you take you with my leash in my hand


Lead you to our private place we already paid the price

Tie you down kiss your body the stage is now set

Love you deeply with all my being time to take my stand


I promise I will protect you till our dying day, Never depart

Sex and love we share together our joy is so very true

Joy to love joy to dominate joy to be my true submissive


I gave you mine you gave me yours we own each other’s heart

Our passion for kink runs very deep our lust together to ensue

Your body now owned your pleasure is mine orgasm is permissive

Trust and a Promise

sitting alone under the maple, rain falling down on my head

thinking of her in a distant place, feeling her love all around

never a touch never, never a hug, only her words ever been said

how can it be this love that is true, within you that I have found


love struck, lust ensues, need to take you to my land of dreams

our land, we have found in a far away place never to be seen

only then where I know full inner peace, her inner glow beams

if this place is never to be found, then your love I must wean


wean myself off, to keep from being broken, no more hurt for me

I know the truth tho, which is forever this I truly believe is for us

passion, and love is what we have, our love is true I do now see

when I have you at last, I will make you mine I am so damn anxious


anixous to take you to my bed, lay you down and bind your limbs

place my man hood to your lips let you show me love with your mouth

your mouth takes me deep feelings of passion our love never dims

my dream, my fantasy, my love, you are my belle from the south


embrace you deeply, invade my love, with all I am take you hard

in you deep holding you tight, gyrations we feel of the night

fears fully gone, trust all I know, no longer on my guard

no guarding needed cause your love shines deep no more fright


Sometime soon you will be forever within my reach, no more distance

no more miles keeping us apart, wake every morning next to my heart.

one trait I have never had, I am now learning, with you is patience

Soon my love I will take you forever, I promise to you never to depart


listen to my song, the music I hear tonight, the music of our sex

a sweet filling I can envision as I invade you with all of me

deeply filling you kinky at last, your sex I need my muscle I flex

sweet orgasmic passion, we both do now feel one day my pet wait and see


Sleep engaged with love inside, heart to heart my seed buried deep

holding each other tight, to scared to ever let go of our dreams

holding you closer kiss your lips, close our eyes and drift to sleep

awake again staring at each other, perfect life, our love gleams


Burning passion

Tied down nice and tight in my 4 posted bed

Place my cock to your lips to give me some head

Gag you do as I push deep down your throat
Giving you your fantasies that you have wrote
Wrote down your words of all your desires 
My cock ignites your passion hot as a fire
Finger your pussy make you nice and wet
You moan and purr such a obedient pet
Drink of bourbon I do take, kissing your slit 
From my lips I slip the ice over your soft clit
I pass the cube into the sweet pussy of mine 
Shivers of cold inside you now you do find 
Place my cock at the entrance of my hole
Invade you deeply I do with my big pole
Your body shivers as you scream my name
You love me, I know we have no shame
You clamp down on my cock hard and deep
Fill you full of all my seed my cock does seep
Untie you now collapsed in passion and love
Hold you tight as we sleep, praise to God above
Praise for the love that was sent to ease my pain
Look in your eyes love and passion keeps me sane
Thank you love for your heart of full of gold
This I promise your heart I will forever hold