Erasing the Darkness

As I walk alone in to the darkness of my mind I seek out love that was once never to be found.

In the distance I hear an echo, the echoes of damnation of my heart, please stop the sound.

The sounds tell me to never love again, eternally broken, never to heal, heart beat will stop.

My mind becomes cloudy, the darkness starts to see light, I now see you, to my knees I drop.


You walk towards me, I feel a pain in my chest, your touch eases it as my heart starts to heal.

Your hand lays against my face, I look at the dream of my life, can this love really be ideal?

Standing I take you in to my arms, stare in to your eyes trying to decide what is next in line.

Kiss me and hold me, love me forever, never let me go, my heart cries out for just a sign.

Pets Inspection

I come to you and stare you down, you stand naked showing me all of your self, legs wide spread, arms on your head, ready for inspection. I lift the hair off of your neck and make sure you are nice and clean. I kiss your neck you moan slowly, I check under your arms to ensure nice and shaven. I have you bend over and reach behind and spread my cheeks so I can inspect my ass. As you have your ass cheeks spread, I slide a vibrating anal plug in and set the vibrations on high. I run my hands down your legs, making sure there is no stubble and all of your skin is baby smooth. I come back up as you are still bent over holding your ass cheeks apart, and inspect my pussy making sure no hair is visible on the lips only hair should be above my pussy. You are nice and clean my pet. You make me proud, now present yourself for oral gratification for your sir.


You drop to your knees, and place your hands on top of your head. Your mouth is wide open your eyes are down cast. I walked up and you lean forward and take my cock in to your mouth. You slowly kiss my balls, you roll your tongue around my shaft, and start kissing up my shaft kissing the tip as you gently take my tip in to your mouth you suck on it gently, before sliding your mouth down my entire shaft. You gag as you deep throat me all the way in. You take my cock almost out of your mouth just sucking on the head again as one hand cups and plays with my balls, your other hand slowly strokes my cock up and down. As you continue to work on just the tip, your hands start to run over my body, caressing my ass, rubbing my chest. You gently slide your finger in to my ass and finger me as you build up pace sucking my cock deeper in to your mouth, You let my cock slip out as you kiss down my shaft to my balls and kiss them and start to gently suck on them, your other hand stroking my man hood. Bringing me close to climax, you bring your mouth back up to my cock and take me deep in to your throat as I start to release all of my seed down the back of your throat. You gag trying to keep up, paying attention to not let any spill out of your mouth. I remove my cock from your mouth you open your mouth and show me what a good pet you are keeping all my cum in check as you swallow it down. I look down and notice a bit has spilled on to my breasts, i reach down and raise you up to me and lick the spilled seed from your breasts as I gently suck on them making your nipples nice and hard. “Should my pet be punished for spilling my seed?” I ask, in which you reply “If you think I should, sir”.


I attach a leash to your collar, and raise you up by the leash as I bend you over my knees. Your pulse races, your breathing becomes rapid, your nerves are getting the best of you my pet. I tell you to breathe, take a deep breath in and hold it, I wait a second and instruct you to release the breath. Keep breathing in slowly, control your breathing, relax your body. You start to relax as my hand runs over your subtle tight ass, I place your hands in the small of your back. I take your hand in to mine our hands are interlaced, as my other hand comes down hard against your right cheek. You jump you start breathing hard again, I instruct you again on controlling your breaths. I bring my hand down on the opposite cheek, you wince as you feel the sting of my hand on your bare ass. Over and over it seems to you I will not stop. I bring my hand down again this time driving your plug in you deeper you moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I feel my leg getting wet from your soaking wet dripping pussy. I run my fingers between your slit and find the proof that you are getting wetter by the moment. I dive two of my fingers deep in to you, and bring them to your lips for you to clean. I continue holding your hand as I wipe away the solemn tear. My heart pounds and breaks as I realize I may have gone too far, but you know the safe word the word you did not speak. I take some aloe lotion and pour it on your bright red ass and slowly work it in cooling the heat and burn that my hand has left behind. I place you on your knees in front of me once again this time bringing your chin up so I am looking you in the eyes. I reach down and kiss your forehead before telling you how much I love you. I cradle you in my arms and hold and comfort you for a few minutes.


I bend you over the edge of the bed, and spread your legs as wide as possible and lock in a steel spreader bar. I bring your hands behind your back and lock them in place and attached a small pole from your wrists to the collar on your neck making it hard for you to move. I come up behind you, and kneel down and slide my long strong tongue in your dripping wet slit. I snake my tongue up your crack and up your back. As my rock hard cock slowly presses in to your pussy as your lips part accepting my rod slowly entering in to you. I slam my cock in to you hard lifting you up off the bed as you gasp for air as my thrust takes your breath. I pull out of you slowly, and thrust in you hard once again. Slowly out, and back in hard over and over. You start thrusting your hips back against my invading cock as I bury deeper in to you with each thrust. You ask if you may cum, I ponder the question as I slam my cock in to you again. I reach around and massage my breasts. Your head is buried in to the bed, my thrusts come again and again unrelentingly burying my cock in you deeper with each thrust. You beg me “Please, sir I need release” I ignore you and make you hold off as I continue to fuck you hard. My cock buries in you deeper then you have ever felt, you feel full, the plug is still vibrating you hard. I attach a vibrator directly to your clit and tell you cum for me now. Waves of orgasm come over your body as your skin turns pale, as the blood rushes from you. Your pussy clamps down hard on to my cock as I am buried in you, your hips gyrating on me trying to make the orgasm more intense, your orgasm subsides and you start to breathe as I thrust in you yet again starting another wave of climax that hits you. Your breath is lost once again, you scream, you scream loud you scream my name. You collapse on the bed as I continue to fuck you hard, your body is wore out you have no more in you. The vibrations on your clit drive you nuts, another orgasm hits you your body tenses, your body starts to spasm as you try to control your breathing. I explode in you filling you full of my cum. The lack of oxygen from your shallow breaths cause you to pass out in euphoria. I reach and undo all of the locks releasing you. I hold you in my arms your head on my chest, my cum running down your leg. You come to with a feeling of peace as I have you in my grasp. I lay down beside you as we drift off to sleep.