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Daddy’s Vow

You are my little girl, my baby, my princess, the one that I love.

New to all of this, I do understand, no worries, nothing to prove.

Guide you like a good Daddy I will do, nurture you and care.

Care for you, is my only concern, no more walls do you dare?

It will be hard in the beginning at times, I assure this is not a lie.

Hang in there with me, remind me you need it and we will try.

Be a good little girl, take your spankings well, love me true.

No more sadistic thoughts from me, make you less blue.

Hold you and comfort you, force you to grow, love thy being.

This is not about sex, nor about control, this about freeing.

Freeing your mind, your bondage that holds you so captive.

Take my hand, on this trip, please try to be very adaptive.

My vow to you, protect, nurture, own, and love you now.

I know you look in the mirror and think oh but why and how?

Simple, my heart is sealed with you forever, your body is mine.

Mine for the liking, perfect and pretty, love seeing you shine.

LDR Christmas

694 miles from my empty home to your loving arms, tree still up kids all gone, me and my computer all I have physical today.

But, I have something much more powerful then all of that, I have you baby, I have contentment in my heart for now.

Contentment that I have the love I always needed or wanted, contentment that alone time is nearing the end I pray.

I just want you to know, that this poem is sucking my mind cant write, my heart wants to cry, my chest wants to go pow.

Emotional stress, from not holding you, brings physical pain to me these days, soon I will hold you and make you smile.

Until that day hold my heart and put it together piece by piece, so it is fully healed the day my hand touches your face.

It is amazing how much I love you and how I do believe in us your heart Is in my hands I kiss it daily, finding you only trial.

I was a fallen man, last Christmas wanted to die, had those thoughts yet this week, saved by feeling love from you and his Grace.

Our presents to each other, unwrapped early our eyes on each other, fixed together, joy was truly seen, your love for me.

Confident in the words you speak, your love is true, my walls are down, my biggest present to you no more wall.

Look in to my eyes, see the compassion and the lingering hurt, know I only live for you, please don’t you see?

Sparkles my favorite physical gift, hold her tight, but your vulnerability the greatest gift given we shall not fall.

365 days to go till our new family has a special Christmas, two adults and three of the greatest kids in our lives.

Please no days of absence until that day, I need to feel you daily. Christmas promise never hurt you I do swear.

I will cherish you my Christmas angel, every day build you up, make you mine, I own you, our love forever thrives.

One final promise please make to me as I to you, we will focus on and try to get rid of all the things we call fear.

Babygirl & Daddy

Beautiful and sweet, all mine what a delight.

Adorable baby girl, we wait for our night.

Being together, nothing else matters, forever.

You and I princess meant to be, never sever.

Grace of God, delivered you to me to protect.

In me caring and loving, for you never neglect.

Rain may make the skies, dark and gray.

Losing myself in your smile, my own sun ray.

Affirmation, of love, Daddy forever is here.

No more worries, Daddy takes your fear.

Do me one favor, tell me all about your pain.

Daddy will always be here, demons are slain.

Around your pinkie I am wrapped, forever true.

Daddy would want it no other way, never be blue.

Destiny brought us together, found the real me.

Your heart, held deep in to my soul, I love thee.

The Artist

The language I speak to you is of love and adoration, your beauty to me surpasses even the tallest of majestic mountains, your voice soothes my soul, your smile melts my heart.

Davinci painted the “Mona Lisa”, we all know that is true, Rembrandt painted “Bathsheba at Her Bath” While Monet painted the “Water Lilies”, all classic works of art.

But the only work of art I care about is the artistic brush of our one living God, who took you, molded you, and made you in to the perfect person to love, the woman for me.

Recite this vow to you, compassion, caring all I promise, never go to bed mad, always will have a smile, never leave you, only love you, you and I together I will not flee.

Make me one promise all I ask, center Patience in our lives, so we can be grounded, grounded together, we can get through anything, Love us for all of our time.

When the day comes, that we must depart this earthly place, when death  comes readies to take us home, we will go together and our love is prime.

Darkness Today

The darkness looms in my head, can’t shake it, won’t go away, no reason for this feeling, no where to run and hide.

I have an amazing woman, who loves me for all that I am, my precious baby, my pet, who is always by my side.

Emptiness clouds my soul, need to run away, want to crawl under the covers, hide my self from this day.

Tomorrow will be better, I tell myself, though I know this may not be the case, all I know my skies are grey.


Longing for only a touch, touch my cheek look in my eyes, tell me you love me, you need me, don’t know why.

I look out the door looking up above, asking God to give me a sign a blessing, as I stare at the darkening sky.

Overwhelmed, never let them down, hard to go on, perfection can’t be found, try my best all I can say.

Never leave, always stay, proud of me regardless of the grade, don’t know why, just hold me I pray.


Days like this in the past, I would pray that God would strike me down, take me home, from this place.

No more thoughts like that, just want comfort in my soul, tell me all is ok, bring peace in to my space.

Soon things will change my smile will never leave, I know the truth, just like reading the treasured book.

Reel me in bring me home, make me your own, feel my soul, I am the fish that you have on the hook.


In My Haste

Lost in my mind, seeking comfort no where to be found, looking everywhere, it is hidden in behind the cloud.

Emotional overload, bringing me to the brink, down on my knees praying God find solace in this crowd.

Good Morning Baby, words come across I feel comfort and relief, all my fears now are finally erased.

My words hurt the love of my life, I can not take back nor can make it right, the words I stated in haste.


All I can do now is look forward, to the future, the future of you and I together hand in hand.

I want to care for you, love you, protect you, never shall you need, just want to be your man.

I want to take you in my arms, hold you tight, never let you go, never walk away, only love you.

I sit here pondering what have I done to obtain you in my life, I can not answer, just say I DO!

I DO agree to love you unconditionally, I DO agree to always be yours, I DO agree to own you always.

I DO take you in sickness and health, I DO take you till death do us part, I DO promise to live out my days.

Live out my days, with the love of my life, the new found heart you have given to me, my precious pet.

Day and night, my thoughts are only on you, no how hard I try to occupy my time, on you my mind is set.


Come with me please, my precious, my princess, my pet, let me take you and treat you right.

Love you always with all might soul, never wanted to hurt you. I am sorry for failing as your Knight.

Tell me your hurts, tell me your emotions, make me feel the pain I caused, I made you fell mine.

All I want is your eternal happiness, your bright eyes, and beautiful smile, make my day shine.


Reach deep in to your self, your inner depths, share me your darkest secrets, tell me your story your song.

I never want to go alone again, with you this will never happen, I do believe, you are so very strong.

Hide nothing from me, yell at me if need be, love you no matter what, with me you are always stuck.

Be true to my girl, I love you with all my heart, please baby know that sometimes I just fucking suck.


In the end I have solace in knowing that when you say always and forever, you are speaking the truth.

I just want to be your Boaz, the protector of the house be your man, will you forever be my Ruth?

My heart cries out to feel your hand, touch me please I need to know a caressing touch again.

You are my Barbie, much better looking I must say, now I am going to be your man your Ken.

Don’t Go…

Sleepless nights, toss and turn, not wanting to feel, failure, lost in love, never wake up was always my thought.

Failed at love, failed at life, failed at all that was before me, emptiness, desolation, was my only plot


Away from me, do not come close, no entry to my broken heart, love destroyed, no more hurt please go away

This was how I felt early in the days of you, so scared, so timid, so afraid, I knew you would never want to stay


Damn love, beautiful smile, cracked my heart, I fought it hard to keep it away, but you would not idly go

Your vibrant voice, soul stealing eyes, found its way deep inside, empty fragments of my heart you begin to sew


Complete and wholeness starting to come about, now a new fear has crept in to my life

Fear of losing the one that I call baby, fear of crashing again, I can’t take anymore strife


Month one and two, constant fear, trusting do I dare? Heart says so, brain said no.

Heart finally over took the synaptic sparks, brain now says she will always be never go.


You gave to me the most precious gift, your heart instilled in my trust wrapped in a bow

Placed it deep in my soul, forever protected, never to scar, always mind time to go


One small tiny fracture still remains, will be there until the day comes that I hold my love.

Thank you to God I pray in my prayers, thankful for your words I share, sent to me from above.


Eternal promise I make to you, keep you safe, keep you happy, never neglect.

Love you, always, hold you tight, you are mine and I am yours our love has no defect

Erasing the Darkness

As I walk alone in to the darkness of my mind I seek out love that was once never to be found.

In the distance I hear an echo, the echoes of damnation of my heart, please stop the sound.

The sounds tell me to never love again, eternally broken, never to heal, heart beat will stop.

My mind becomes cloudy, the darkness starts to see light, I now see you, to my knees I drop.


You walk towards me, I feel a pain in my chest, your touch eases it as my heart starts to heal.

Your hand lays against my face, I look at the dream of my life, can this love really be ideal?

Standing I take you in to my arms, stare in to your eyes trying to decide what is next in line.

Kiss me and hold me, love me forever, never let me go, my heart cries out for just a sign.

Missing Love

Wanting, missing, longing, needing, without, your love

Day lingers, feels like hell, wanting to just see your face

Hear your words, is my need, soothes my soul the pain of

Come near, hold my heart, take my hand, lets go to a place


A place away from all of our troubles, a place made for us

Pure utopia, our own eden, together in pure blissful lust

Hurry my love, we need to go, need to catch the last bus

The bus will take us to our private paradise I am ready to bust


Bust out of this hell, need my baby to hold, stare in her eyes

Never let her go, too scared she wont come back again

If love was to leave me, my heart would break, my soul dies

Lets hold each other naked together forever, skin to skin

My Heart

Love was once thought to be true 

This was till I found something in you
Now I wonder if what I had was real 
Cause I know what I have now is surreal 
Eternity promised this is I to you I swear 
I want you need you need you right here
Here with me never let you go my love
Praying to God in heaven above 
Prayers of joining you hand in hand 
Walking with you on the white sand 
Take you to my place deep in my heart
Hold you when sad I promise never to depart 
When you are mad at me this I tell you 
We will talk it out and I better I will do 
When you are sick and down near I will be
Your love I know is true and all for you and me