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The Torment Game

Day 1 of the torment game, you look at me with wander wondering what this new game is I have devised. I pull at a die as you look and you realize this will be a game of chance. I tell you to roll the first die and you roll a 4. I write the 4 down on a piece of paper. I tell you to roll it again, and you roll a 6, I also write it down. One more roll I tell you this time you roll a 3 and I write it down. I scribble some stuff down on the paper and hand it to you. It says “Multiplier-1 = 4 Multiplier-2 = 6 Days of torment=24, edge interval=3. You look confused and ask for an explanation. I state the rules are simple. For the next 24 days you are not allowed to orgasm UNLESS, you roll a specific number on a set of dice. Each morning you will roll two dice and if you get the following combination then you will be able to orgasm.

A pair of 1s means Daddy will give you an orgasm with your lolli in kitty.

A pair of 2s means you will masturbate to orgasm for Daddy while sucking his lolli.

A pair of 3s means Daddy will kiss and lick lolli until you orgasm.

A pair of 4s and you can orgasm while masturbating your Lolli will be in your bum.

A pair of 6s though is bad and your days start over again.

You ask about the edge interval, “Oh I almost forgot” I tell you, “that you are required to edge every 3 hours until you finally get released, if you have not rolled a suitable pair by day 24, they you will have forced orgasms on that day for a period of time”

“One more thing, before we get started Daddy will every day, eat kitty when he gets home until you are close, then he will back off and fuck kitty till once again you are close, at that point you will suck him and drink his cum.” 


“When does the game start” you ask? right now princess it is 3pm on May 1st the game will end on May 24th at 3pm or before depending on the numbers you roll. Go ahead and roll the two dice and lets see if you get to come today. You roll a 3 and a 4. “What does that mean Daddy?” that means that you will receive 12 spankings today 2×4=12 now bend over my knees and lets pull those panties down so I can get the 12 spankings done.


You bend over my knees and I pull your panties down to your ankles and rub your bum, before I lay may hand hard on your left cheek leaving a print from the slap, I hear “One daddy thank you”, I alternate cheeks harder with each slap. you count and thank me for each one, at the end my hand is sore and your bum is nice and bright red. I reach over and take some aloe and rub in to you deeply and push you on to the bed and tell you to edge, your next edge will be at 6pm set a reminder.


You lay back on the bed, and begin to rub kitty, it does not take long a matter of seconds before you are edging, you are so close just the right touch and you will orgasm, I tell you keep rubbing till I say stop…. 5… 4….. 3…. 2…. 1…. STOP. You collapse back and lay there breathless.


I decide to change the rules slightly, my game I think I can do what I want. So each day when you roll those numbers will be multiplied together to get how many spankings you get that day. But the red die will indicate how you are spanked and the black die will indicate where. Here is how it will work.

1= Hand/Bum                

2= Crop/Breasts

3= Cane/Kitty

4= Whip/Soles of Feet

5= Belt/My Choice

6= Flogger/Your Choice




This is being wrote in to a full book, stay tuned for more details coming soon……..


Magical Dream

As I lay in my bed my eyes drift, drift off to sleep and in my dreams I am in a magical place I look around everything is beautiful but the most beautiful thing I see is walking towards me.

Eyes that light the world, eyes that are blue as the prettiest sky. A smile that says I am here for you, I am going nowhere. She comes to me she says “Hi Sir, I am your pet, the one you dream of, I am here for you.” and kneels before sir giving herself to him fully.

Sir reaches down raises her head towards his, stares her in the eyes, the piercing blue of sir’s eyes radiates her soul. She feels the deep warmth of compassion she has been needing. Sir’s words are simple. “Good Pet” and with that he locks a collar around her neck. With another click a leash is attached to her collar. He starts walking down this soft path where it leads he does not even know. She follows him on her hands and knees crawling behind him. He stops after walking for a while and checks on her to ensure she is safe and not having any issues. She assures him she is ok and is happy. The continue on.

After a bit longer they come to a place, that appears to the eye as clouds. Sir lays down on them and they are soft and engulf him fully. She comes up and lays between his legs taking his cock in to her hands she starts rubbing it gently until he gets nice and hard when she takes his full shaft in to her mouth. She holds it deep in to her mouth and sucks on it hard. Then she takes his cock out of her mouth and starts kissing his balls and sucking and kissing up and down his shaft. She gets to the head again and licks it all around and sucks hard on just the head. She kisses back down his shaft, hold his balls in her hand she gently massages them. She slides a finger in to his ass and takes his full cock back deep in to her mouth. She continues to suck his cock hard while Sir has her leash in his hands still. He takes her head and pushes her deep on to his cock and starts to cum down her throat. She is a good pet and takes it well she swallows every drop so she thinks. She releases his cock from her mouth and some of his seed spills out on to Sir. She quickly scrambles to lick it up, but sir noticed the transgression.

Sir takes her by the leash and places her squarely over his knees and begins to smack her beautiful tight ass. Pet needs no reminder from sir as each smack comes down she counts off. 1, 2, 3, they keep coming down then it stops and sir slams two fingers in to her tight soaking wet pussy hard and fast. She is taken back by the invasion. She likes it though, and sir starts fucking her pussy with his fingers of his right hand, and then lands another smack. She forgets to count, so caught up by the feeling of her pussy and trying to get off. Sir removes his fingers grabs her by the hair and turns her face to him and scolds her with his words. Pet you failed to count, now your punishment will be harder. Sir looks around and has a thought of a wooden pony, then all of a sudden he sees the most gorgeously built wooden pony right in front of him. Hand crafted out of exotic woods, the craftsman ship was surreal. He takes her over to it, she places one leg on either side with the middle piece of polished wood resting right on her mound. Her hands are tied down to the back of the pony. The pressure on her pussy is a bit of pain and pleasure at the same time. She can relieve the pressure by coming up on her tip toes, but she cannot stay there long, before she falls back on to her pussy. Sir comes around in front of her with a flogger in hand and starts to lightly flog his breasts. She cries out, sir stops reminds her of the safe word. Makes her say it, she states it loudly “PURPLE, master”. Good do you want me to continue my submissive pet? She says “yes master if it pleases you.” He lands some more blows to her breasts each one tenderly, but every so often one that lands a bit harder. she is still performing the dance from her tip toes and back down. This goes on for a long time her sex is sore she wants out, she can’t take much more. Why has sir forsaken me why does he not love me she thinks. After about an hour of punishment sir, releases her picks her up and carries her over to the cloud. He starts rubbing cooling lotion all over her body and tending to her needs. He holds her tight and loves her with all he has. He begins to fuck her from behind as his arms are wrapped around her. He dumps his load deep in to her and then closes his eyes, leaving his pet wanting more. She begs him to let her cum, he says know, and holds her tight in his arms and gives her a kiss as the both fall asleep.

When they awaken a few hours later, she is still wanting pleasure, she dares not ask, but takes his cock in to her mouth and pleases her master again. Sir stops her and tells her “You are a well-trained pet, you may have pleasure” He has her get on her hands and knees and pleasure herself as he takes her in the ass. Sir finishes quickly and just watches his beautiful pet cum. Sir then is awaken by a loud buzzing of the alarm clock and realizes this has been nothing but a dream.