Alone you stand at the sink doing dishes, ear buds in listening to your favorite music, oblivious to me as I stand behind you and watch your hips sway. Quickly like a cheetah, I pounce my hand wraps around your mouth as I struggle to get your hands behind you and bind them together. I tell you to be a quiet and don’t fight, and you won’t be harmed. You fear for your life in front of this masked man. He cuts and rips off your dress he cuts your silk panties off and forces them into your mouth then wraps tape around to keep them in place. Then everything goes dark as a hood is put over your head. You feel the drawstring pull tight around your neck. Just tight enough to cause breathing to be labored. You are carried and placed in a van where you are laid down as we the van starts to move moments later. You feel funny and drift off to sleep as the effects of the drugs inside the hood take effect.  

You wake up later to find your self in a small dirty cell a thick heavy collar around your neck. You hear the creaking of a door and see the masked man enter; you can only think where is my lover at I need him, my white knight, to come and rescue me. But at last no knight to be found, the masked man walks to you opens the cage as he grabs you by your hair and drags you out. Kicking and muffled screams you feel your self-pulled across the damp cold concrete. 


Your hands are stretched above your head and attached to a chain that goes through a pulley, your legs are kicked out so wide you feel like you are going to be ripped in half. A spreader bar is placed no closing your legs now; you feel your arms being pulled up as I pull on a chain that brings you up to your tip toes. I circle you and inspect you. I bring out a hose and begin to hose you down, for you are dirty from the cell and the back of the van. I am gentle though with my washing, but also sadistic as the jet stream of water hits your clit. I get to your back side, and I turn the pressure down before shoving the end of the hose into your ass feeling your stomach full bloating you in discomfort, I pull it out and plug you quickly. 


You feel a sting on your back and ass as my whip comes down over and over, laying stripe after stripe on your tender, delicate skin. I hear you begin to sob I come around and look you in your eyes as your mascara runs down your cheek, I smile inside knowing that I have broken you and that now I can build you into the perfect submissive for me.


I bring you down as I tend to your wounds cleaning them cooling them. I lead you by your collar on a leash as you crawl behind me to a restroom, relieve your self and clean up I will be waiting out front for you.


As you emerge I lead you a table where you are ordered to get up on it, as you lay there you feel metal coming down all around securing you so that you can not move at all. I walk around in front holding a steel rod, you panic and try to scream but to no avail. I lay the rod in a hot vat of coals until nice and red, when I come around and lay it on your ass burning my brand into you forever.


I bring in a girl one you have never seen, as you are bound to a chair, a couple buttons pressed and chair tilts back, so you are parallel to the floor. You feel something bury into your ass as something invades your pussy. You feel them start to move in and out slowly and methodically. The other girl is brought over where she straddles your face ass to the back, and one by one guy come in and fuck the other girl as you watch from beneath helpless unable to move. Gaggest still cum falls on to your face. After what seemed like hundreds of men your gag is removed as she buries her pussy into your face to clean her and bring her to one last orgasm.


Your body soaking wet from sweat you are taken back to the wash room as you begin to shower, I wait for outside.


As you emerge crawling still head down in fear, wondering where your knight is, you crawl to my feet and sit before them. I pull you up with a quick tug of your leash and bring you to eye level with me. As I remove my mask, your embrace overwhelms me as you realize you have been safe all along. Daddy was the masked man who derived his pleasure from your torture. I scoop you up and take you to our room and hold you as I wipe away your tears. I promise you never again once was enough.