Erasing the Darkness

As I walk alone in to the darkness of my mind I seek out love that was once never to be found.

In the distance I hear an echo, the echoes of damnation of my heart, please stop the sound.

The sounds tell me to never love again, eternally broken, never to heal, heart beat will stop.

My mind becomes cloudy, the darkness starts to see light, I now see you, to my knees I drop.


You walk towards me, I feel a pain in my chest, your touch eases it as my heart starts to heal.

Your hand lays against my face, I look at the dream of my life, can this love really be ideal?

Standing I take you in to my arms, stare in to your eyes trying to decide what is next in line.

Kiss me and hold me, love me forever, never let me go, my heart cries out for just a sign.

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