The Torment Game

Day 1 of the torment game, you look at me with wander wondering what this new game is I have devised. I pull at a die as you look and you realize this will be a game of chance. I tell you to roll the first die and you roll a 4. I write the 4 down on a piece of paper. I tell you to roll it again, and you roll a 6, I also write it down. One more roll I tell you this time you roll a 3 and I write it down. I scribble some stuff down on the paper and hand it to you. It says “Multiplier-1 = 4 Multiplier-2 = 6 Days of torment=24, edge interval=3. You look confused and ask for an explanation. I state the rules are simple. For the next 24 days you are not allowed to orgasm UNLESS, you roll a specific number on a set of dice. Each morning you will roll two dice and if you get the following combination then you will be able to orgasm.

A pair of 1s means Daddy will give you an orgasm with your lolli in kitty.

A pair of 2s means you will masturbate to orgasm for Daddy while sucking his lolli.

A pair of 3s means Daddy will kiss and lick lolli until you orgasm.

A pair of 4s and you can orgasm while masturbating your Lolli will be in your bum.

A pair of 6s though is bad and your days start over again.

You ask about the edge interval, “Oh I almost forgot” I tell you, “that you are required to edge every 3 hours until you finally get released, if you have not rolled a suitable pair by day 24, they you will have forced orgasms on that day for a period of time”

“One more thing, before we get started Daddy will every day, eat kitty when he gets home until you are close, then he will back off and fuck kitty till once again you are close, at that point you will suck him and drink his cum.” 


“When does the game start” you ask? right now princess it is 3pm on May 1st the game will end on May 24th at 3pm or before depending on the numbers you roll. Go ahead and roll the two dice and lets see if you get to come today. You roll a 3 and a 4. “What does that mean Daddy?” that means that you will receive 12 spankings today 2×4=12 now bend over my knees and lets pull those panties down so I can get the 12 spankings done.


You bend over my knees and I pull your panties down to your ankles and rub your bum, before I lay may hand hard on your left cheek leaving a print from the slap, I hear “One daddy thank you”, I alternate cheeks harder with each slap. you count and thank me for each one, at the end my hand is sore and your bum is nice and bright red. I reach over and take some aloe and rub in to you deeply and push you on to the bed and tell you to edge, your next edge will be at 6pm set a reminder.


You lay back on the bed, and begin to rub kitty, it does not take long a matter of seconds before you are edging, you are so close just the right touch and you will orgasm, I tell you keep rubbing till I say stop…. 5… 4….. 3…. 2…. 1…. STOP. You collapse back and lay there breathless.


I decide to change the rules slightly, my game I think I can do what I want. So each day when you roll those numbers will be multiplied together to get how many spankings you get that day. But the red die will indicate how you are spanked and the black die will indicate where. Here is how it will work.

1= Hand/Bum                

2= Crop/Breasts

3= Cane/Kitty

4= Whip/Soles of Feet

5= Belt/My Choice

6= Flogger/Your Choice




This is being wrote in to a full book, stay tuned for more details coming soon……..


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