For Sir

You were a dream…

A dream that filled my thoughts

and my loneliest nights.

You were the dream I held on to,

the dream my heart longed to one day have.

You were the dream that made me smile…

an escape from my reality,

a fantasy I longed to one day come true.

Once only my dream, my escape, my fantasy, came true the day when I reconnected with you.

My dream that used to be

is now my reality.

A fantasy waiting for its happy ending

Waiting on the fairytale to come true.

Once my only escape…

is now the comfort that I live for.

Together we have both been through the heartaches…

the pain of walking away or being left behind.

Every new road we had to take

because of the choices we had to make,

only paved the road

that brought us closer to one another.

Life may not be easy,

with all the burdens and drama

that life hands to us,

but when you find someone

to share your life with,

no drama is hard to handle…

no burden is hard to bare.

When you have someone…

the one that you’ve dreamed of…

then your life becomes the escape you both take to get away from the reality that surrounds.

I know because…

I found the love…

my life…



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