You wake too Daddy holding you close to him in your arms, you look in to his eyes and peer. You sense something is wrong you ask, “Daddy, whats wrong I wuvs you please tell me.”

Daddy explains that it is difficult, and he has a difficult decision to make, and is not sure what to do, cause you are my one and only.

“Daddy, tell me so I can give you some input”. OK Little One I will explain. My dear friend who had a harem of several subs, has recently taken ill. He has asked for me to take his harem under my wing till he gets better. You are my one true so not sure what to do.


Do it Daddy, You tell me, help your friend.


OK I say.


I then make some calls, and in a short time a car pulls up and 5 other subs get out and enter in. They are all naked except for their collars, leashes, and cuffs on wrist and ankles.


We go to the great room so you can get aquainted with our new arrivals. Once in there you are sitting on daddy’s lab as each sub introduces and tells us their role.


The first girl says my name is One, and I am the alpha of our group, I keep all other subs in line, and make sure master is taken care of. I explain to her in our household that my little is the Alpha and takes care of me, and that no one touches her. One nods in respects and sits back down.

The second girl my name is two and my role is domestic service, I will take care of your house master while we are with you.

The third girl my name is three and my primary role is bathing, I bathe all the subs and you master if you would allow me to.

My name is four and I am the cook of the harem, I will provide all meals while we are here.

My name is five and my speciaility is giving my master pleasure.


I introduce you as my little girl, the soul of my life. You have free reign over all of these girls little one, they are yours to have do as you wish.


With that you remove your clothing along with me as we both lay together while the girls start cleaning the house, soon two of the girls come to us and start giving us a deep massage. My kitty gets aroused and one of the girls notices and asks if you would like some pleasure. You tell her that would be nice, she starts to lick kitty just the way you like it and before long you are cumming all over the place.


We continue laying there as our food is served, and we are hand fed by the subs, while the others kneel around us watching. Once we are done the 3 girls kneeling come and start playing with your lolli, I ask them why they was doing this. They quickly stopped and said they was accustomed to pleasing master after his meals and asked for forgiveness. I ask you my little girl what we should do?


You bring the girls up to your lolli taking them by the hand and invite them to join you licking your lolli. You do remind them that this is mine and I am sharing cause I am a good girl, but I get all of Daddy’s cream. I feel the tongue and mouths of all of you on my lolli and my mind goes in to over load. I feel someone start fingering my bum and I start to get close and I tell you that I am close, with that you suck your lolli deep in to your mouth and swallow all of daddy’s cream. You then decide to share a bit and start kissing the other girls allowing all of you to savor in daddy’s special medicine. You crawl up by me again with your bum sticking out so one of the other girls can pleasure you again. I hold you in my arms and begin to kiss you as you feel a dildo inserted in to both of your holes, you have never been double pentrated and the feeling is amazing so full so stuffed. Yet so needy. I play with my nipples, and start to kiss and suck on your ears. Until you reach an epic orgasm.


We call in number three and she comes and takes you to a prepared luscious bubble bath where she helps you in, and starts to sponge bathe you and wash you nice and clean, once done she dries you off and escorts you back to Daddy where the other girls are waiting. They come to you and begin to give you a full manicure and pedicure. All of this attention they are giving you is making my little girl horny again. You look at Daddy and ask please may I have pleasure again. I think and tell you only if I can spank you first and tie you down before. You giggle and quickly jump across daddy’s lap for spankies, I spank you hard and play with my kitty some as well before taking you and tie you up on this special chair that has the bottom cut out for easy access to your kitty and bum. I instruct the girls to tease you immensly before you can cum and you can only cum when I give the orders. You have one girl suck on each of my cuppycakes, one is under you licking my bum, and another licking my kitty. The final girl is standing behind you kissing your neck. Daddy comes over and stands on the chair in front of you so your lolli is close and you take it in to your mouth and begin to suck it. After several minutes of sucking on me, I pull out and quickly unstrap you, I place you in the doggie position and mount you from behind, one of the girls is undernead licking your gumdrop as I am making love to you, she licks my balls and my shaft as it is coming in and out of you. Another girl lays down in front of you as you decide you would return the favor and start licking her as well. You have hands all over you, fingering your bum, you scream in to the girls kitty daddy please may I cum. I give you permission as you cum so hard my kitty clamps down on my lolli and milks it dry. We then collapse together as we send the girls away so we can have alone cuddle time.



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