Romantic Intercession

I own you this is true, you are my possession, just as I belong to you. Ropes, and plugs all may be nice, but sometimes your sir just wants to adore you and pamper you my queen.

Waiting on you when you get home, greet you at the door a rose in my hand. Take you by the hand, kiss it so sweet, disrobe you slowly and lead you to the bathe I have prepared.

Step in to the nice hot water, feel the kiss of the lavender oil, candles light the room, soft music playing setting the right mood, lay back relax, let me set up our scene.

Soft sponge in my hand, a hint of essence aimed to relax. Gently sponge you down cleaning you well, making you feel special, you make me no longer feel scared.

Massage your shoulders as you soak, kiss your neck, glass of your favorite wine. Chocolate squares to make your heart melt, feed them to you. Pamper you my dear, my all.

Dry you off with a nice plush towel, follow me shhhh not a sound, take you to our room, lay you down. Warm oil dripped on your back, let me take your tension away.

Strong hands massage you deep, close your eyes, think of your fantasy, pray it truly includes me. Shoulders relaxed, moving down, gentle moans I hear you call.

Massage your butt nice and soft, hands slip in to my sacred place, fingers deep as I kiss your back softly. Take your hand, turn you over, hand in hand we will shortly lay.

Feel your hand on your cock, slightly stroking making it nice and hard. Whisper to me tell me what you want. As you move down and swallow me up. I begin to moan.

No not now you hear me declare, this is your day, your servant man I now will portray, crawl up between your legs, let my tongue do a dance as I kiss my clit.

Your love is true, I truly know, your hands grab my head and pull me closer in, verge of orgasm you say please not yet. Let me feel you in me I hear you groan.

Slide myself in to you, your hands on my chest, eye to eye unbroken gaze, perfect submission to one another. A true love story together we will never quit.

Locked together in our love, hold one another as we approach the climax, deep stare no holding back, arms wrapped around each other, hold me tight.

You start to pant, as I make love a little faster, a little harder I drive in to you, your legs wrapped around me pulling me in, deeper each time, I feel your spasms.

Kissing deep as the passion builds, the moment is coming let us not forget. Deep kiss still continues, you mumble out I am ready. Body convulses with all your might.

My seed explodes in to you deep, you feel my love as I wrap my arms around you, pulling you closer. Two lovers united in harmonious sounds, of our mutual orgasms.

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