Rough Play

My pet crawl to me and kneel before me, kiss my feet eyes down, raise your ass up let me see it up high.

My hand raises comes down on my ass hard, you have not disappointed me, this is just for a reminder.

Your Sir loves you this you know, but I made a vow to you to be your Sir, I fail, but no longer, you are mine.

Learn your positions, my pet, learn them right, complete your tasks, forget not your journal, you will be fine.

Close your eyes, remember all that I command, my love will never fleet, for you I will always be kinder.

Mark left on my ass, nice and red, I rub you down, my kisses planted all over up and down your thigh.


Grab my pet by the hair, roughly invade her mouth with my cock, down your throat you feel my girth.

Tears drip down your face, you search for a breath, I release my grip, let you breathe in, before fucking again.

Flogging your backside as you choke down my cock, I need you to understand my roughness is out of love.

Flip you over, grab you and slam my cock in to my ass, fill you full of me, stretching you out fit like a glove.

Cumming in you filling you full of my creamy white thick tasty cum, burning up with desire in my secret den.

Clean my cock my pet, treat me good, I want to hold you now as I finger my pussy, cum for all its worth.

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