Self Loathing

The pain, the pain from the drops of the rain

cause my brain, to try to sustain, but all in vain

Emptiness, desperation, broken, desiring love not to get

Thought of darkness, saved by my the compassion of my pet


drunk on spirits, drunk on desire, drunk on passion

Letting go, holding on, change of heart, ready for action

Alive in spirit alive in passion, ready for another dance

700 miles away, your words are inspiration, glad for the chance


The chance to know, the chance to care, the chance to feel

Feel the caring of another again, hoping this is all for real

broken promises i think are of the past, broken hope no more

self denial gone for good, inner peace has found in me galore


Hoping this is not another nightmare to endure

I think the words and caring is nothing but pure

The yes bring joy to my heart, keep me close 

Angel from heaven I found, pretty as a rose

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