The Dream


Morning sun comes through the blinds filling the room with light.

Your eyes are closed, deep in sleep, still tired from last night.

A night of dreams, a night of passion, you laid tied down in my bed

Your ass in the air, ever so high, face down is where you find your head.


I softly rub your thighs up and down. MY kisses land on your ass.

I take in my hand a plug that is for you, placed in you made of glass.

My fingers trickle over your pussy, tenderly enough just to tease

I slide my fingers deep in your slit, you moan loudly yes please


Straps of leather I hold in my hand, squarly landing nice and true

You want me you need me, this feeling you have is so very new

My cock buried deep and hard, you buck your hips meeting the thurst

My sub screams in much delight, as she cums, she holds all my trust

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