The Submissive

My servant, my slave, my submissive of mine.
Offering your self to me, waiting without a whine
You serve me well all day and through the night
You serve me, your master, with nothing but delight

Your trust in me is nothing more than complete.
Your obedience is shown as you kneel at my feet.
Your master dictates an order of kowtow.
Subservient in nature you honor your vow.

Your vow to submit, your vow to trust.
Your breasts are subtle such a beautiful bust
Your face is liken to the spring daffodil.
Beautiful and bright, you are my thrill.

LittleOne is the name bestowed upon you.
You are submissive and kind this is true.
Your master is caring and protective as well.
I will do all for you, even in to the depths of hell.

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