Tied in pink

Tied with your wrists attached to your ankles, pretty in pink.

Your mind goes numb, as you lay helpless trying to think

Think of what is to become, as your sir hovers ever so near

Holds your head in my hands, looks in your eyes a silent stare


My lips touch your soft lips engaged in a passionate kiss

I move away you reach wanting more, my lips you do miss

Open your mouth wide, the gag is placed inside, now mute

Straddling your head I stare in to your eyes, love is absolute


Between your legs I slide, my tongue in to my wet slit

My mouth sucking and licking your nice engorged clit

Your backside is invaded with a nice cold steel plug

You wiggle in bliss, your heart races as if on a new drug


My soft subtle pussy drips your love on to the ground

My ass I hold in my hands so very nice and round

My tongue deeper in to you, as you convulse and cum

I release your bondage, your heart is beating like a drum


You turn over and get on all fours, you are such a good pet

I come behind you and mount you, waiting anxious no fret

Enter you deep, enter you hard, your release a loud moan

My cock invading you ever so deep never again shall we be alone


My cock ready to explode, as I smack my ass with a bare hand

You cum again as I fill you deep, my seed mixing as we planned

Remove your gag hear your words, the words of love I need to hear

Collapse together rest for a moment, eye to eye stuck in a stare


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