Don’t Go…

Sleepless nights, toss and turn, not wanting to feel, failure, lost in love, never wake up was always my thought.

Failed at love, failed at life, failed at all that was before me, emptiness, desolation, was my only plot


Away from me, do not come close, no entry to my broken heart, love destroyed, no more hurt please go away

This was how I felt early in the days of you, so scared, so timid, so afraid, I knew you would never want to stay


Damn love, beautiful smile, cracked my heart, I fought it hard to keep it away, but you would not idly go

Your vibrant voice, soul stealing eyes, found its way deep inside, empty fragments of my heart you begin to sew


Complete and wholeness starting to come about, now a new fear has crept in to my life

Fear of losing the one that I call baby, fear of crashing again, I can’t take anymore strife


Month one and two, constant fear, trusting do I dare? Heart says so, brain said no.

Heart finally over took the synaptic sparks, brain now says she will always be never go.


You gave to me the most precious gift, your heart instilled in my trust wrapped in a bow

Placed it deep in my soul, forever protected, never to scar, always mind time to go


One small tiny fracture still remains, will be there until the day comes that I hold my love.

Thank you to God I pray in my prayers, thankful for your words I share, sent to me from above.


Eternal promise I make to you, keep you safe, keep you happy, never neglect.

Love you, always, hold you tight, you are mine and I am yours our love has no defect

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