Epic Release

The edge has you flushed, your breath is taken away, leaving you wanting more

No more right now, my pussy needs tortured as you lay panting on the floor

Wag your tail, feel the tug, my ass is tight, fills you up with much delight

My pet you truly are now, as I stand and admire my  handiwork what a site.


Beg me for release, on your knees at my feet, ask me sir may you cum

I love you my pet, you need to learn, in my hands, putty you now become

mold you, sculpt you, obedience you know, beg me love me need me always

Ride me, fuck me, words I hear, take me over the edge trying to resist your gaze


Spoiled and pampered my pet she is, deserving and loving, all I can give

United together, sir and pet, her and him, lovers always we shall live

Take my cock in your hands, suck it deep, show me how much you need release

Deep in your throat, my cock does go, you gag and suck, perfect peace


Doggie style time to fuck, release you earned by loving me with your touch

Move tail to the side, bury my cock deep in to my gaping hole, oh so much

So much love, as we fuck like animals, grasping the bed, moaning out loud

Please sir, may I cum at once, your words do echo, as I ride on this cloud


High in the sky, my mind is now free, my love is buried deep in to you

Our passions burn with deep fire, as my pussy pulsates, I feel your cue

My cock explodes, your orgasm rushes, our bodies together feeling a rush

Now I know, why we are together at last, I now know you are more then a crush



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