Mine to Keep

Alone in my room, I sit and stare at the blank tv wondering where you are at, wondering what is to become wondering is this true love.

I read the words shared together, the couple we are the couple to be, my heart buried deep in your soul, your heart I hold gently as dove.

My eyes cast downwards, tears I do shed, trying to find the peace of knowing why you love me, I live in darkness, light scares me away.

When I hear a knock at the door, a knock on my heart, as I answer you look at me and place your hand on my chest, and I hear you pray.


A prayer of comfort, a prayer of eternity, a prayer of you and I together forever. My wondering are gone as I feel your warm gentle touch

I take you by your hand, lead you to my forbidden place, a room basked in darkness, no light to be seen, your presence is too much

The room lights up, the darkness starts to go away, I see your face clearly now, your eyes pierce my soul, your heart beats hard, I hold you tight.

You tell me your secrets, how much you really need me, how much you strive to be my pet, be my princess, be my daily guiding light


I accept you every bit of you, the good, the bad, the flaws, for in you I see only perfection. Our pasts are that, gone away like the setting sun

The present and the future are my only concerns, a life for you I want to make, a life of little worry, a life of jubilee, a life for us never undone

I whisper to you, I love you deeply, my heart beats harder then ever in the past, your soft voice responds with the words i crave, words of adoration

God created all that there is, we both know this is true, understanding it all is sometimes hard to do, but our love is his perfect creation


Now lay with me on my bed I have made just for you, the sunlight now peers in to my room, my heart healed ready to give to you.

I take your face in to my palm, press my lips against yours as we kiss with a passion of young love. My hands caress your body so true.

I slowly remove the shirt off your back, as I feel you reach down in to my jeans releasing me, I kiss you deeper, as I move to your neck

Fire burns hotter then the sun in the sky, slowly removing all clothing in my way, my kisses plant on every inch of your body, every small speck


Hold you tightly against my now naked body, naked as adam and eve in the garden no shame, though we feel, we begin our new dance

Arms wrapped around my neck as I begin to massage your backside making you feel at ease, your comfort begins to our love is so expanse

On your back I begin to rub you down, some nice hot oil as I massage your body, removing all your tension, removing all your apprehension

MMMmmmmm baby, I hear you say, your words tell me all I need to know. in you is only love and caring, no more worry of dissension


I place my lips to your poultry pussy, kissing it gently snaking my tongue in and out of you, my finger finds my tight little ass gently I insert.

Slide in your tail, fill you full, tongue my pussy ever more, finger you deep as I kiss and tell, tell you of my love, my precious dessert

Bring your legs up high as my cock rages needing to feel you wrapped around me, I bring my cock up and place it gently in to you deep

Slowly tendering I enter you harder with each thrust, my cock pulsates as your pussy tightens. Deep kissing, whispers you are mine to keep







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