Guarded Love

Guarded love heart aches of desire
Desired love missing from my eyes
My heart weeps aching on fire
Fire of passion hating Friday good byes
Weekends used to be looked forwarded to
My weekends destroyed in emptiness
All I want is to feel your love very true
But I remain stranded laying breathless 
Longing for the day to lay with you
I now think that day will never come to be
All I want is a hint of love just a clue 
For your love is all I want all I need all I see
The more I ache the closer I become
The more I love the further I travel
Longing for you no longer to be numb 
My heart pumps hard ready to unravel
My words are from guarded love
From the pain from the past I endured 
I know your love is pure as the morning dove
Cause of you I am forever to be cured

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