In My Haste

Lost in my mind, seeking comfort no where to be found, looking everywhere, it is hidden in behind the cloud.

Emotional overload, bringing me to the brink, down on my knees praying God find solace in this crowd.

Good Morning Baby, words come across I feel comfort and relief, all my fears now are finally erased.

My words hurt the love of my life, I can not take back nor can make it right, the words I stated in haste.


All I can do now is look forward, to the future, the future of you and I together hand in hand.

I want to care for you, love you, protect you, never shall you need, just want to be your man.

I want to take you in my arms, hold you tight, never let you go, never walk away, only love you.

I sit here pondering what have I done to obtain you in my life, I can not answer, just say I DO!

I DO agree to love you unconditionally, I DO agree to always be yours, I DO agree to own you always.

I DO take you in sickness and health, I DO take you till death do us part, I DO promise to live out my days.

Live out my days, with the love of my life, the new found heart you have given to me, my precious pet.

Day and night, my thoughts are only on you, no how hard I try to occupy my time, on you my mind is set.


Come with me please, my precious, my princess, my pet, let me take you and treat you right.

Love you always with all might soul, never wanted to hurt you. I am sorry for failing as your Knight.

Tell me your hurts, tell me your emotions, make me feel the pain I caused, I made you fell mine.

All I want is your eternal happiness, your bright eyes, and beautiful smile, make my day shine.


Reach deep in to your self, your inner depths, share me your darkest secrets, tell me your story your song.

I never want to go alone again, with you this will never happen, I do believe, you are so very strong.

Hide nothing from me, yell at me if need be, love you no matter what, with me you are always stuck.

Be true to my girl, I love you with all my heart, please baby know that sometimes I just fucking suck.


In the end I have solace in knowing that when you say always and forever, you are speaking the truth.

I just want to be your Boaz, the protector of the house be your man, will you forever be my Ruth?

My heart cries out to feel your hand, touch me please I need to know a caressing touch again.

You are my Barbie, much better looking I must say, now I am going to be your man your Ken.

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