My pet, my princess, names bestowed on you.

I call you my pet, this is true, you are a cute adorable little kitty to me, tail bouncing, obediently obeying your sir.

You are my princess as well, I will protect you in my shining armor, show you my love, while you lay and purr

Most importantly to me, you are my baby, my lover, my beautiful precious girl that I call my own forever

For you my love, caring comes first, I will treat you right all day and night. I am grateful joining you in this endeavor


You offered to me your heart, I took it with honor, along with it I also took possession of all of my pet

Placed in your trust, my fractured heart, your love the only thing that can mend it, you are my Juliet

Trusted me to care for you, trusted me to adore you, trusted me to be true to you, can I be your Romeo

Wanting only to come and take you by your hand, lead you to my promised land, my love I will show


You showed me your soul and so much more, I showed you my love, along with all my grey

Today is going to be long, I see that now, it is ok, I know your love is true, for us I pray

An avalanche of love has came crashing in, took me by surprise, happen so fast

Fell in love in only two weeks, soul searched and tested, scared quick love would not last.


Dedicated to you , my heart and soul. The only person I ever want to be with, you are true.

True to me, true to us, lasting an infinity, hearts melded in to one, nothing can destroy us two

What am I saying with all of these words? Simply to sum it all up I will just say, I love you much.

My heart does still ache I will tell you the truth, my heart will always ache till I feel your touch.


Time to change my tone, time to make you my own, time for you to know what I need.

I want to see you before me, kneeling nice and pretty, tease you deny you, give you my seed.

Spank you, rub you, edge you over and over, bring you to the brink, before I stop with my tease.

Fire from the candle, wax on my breasts, cool you down with a bit of ice, my pussy I now freeze




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