Joined in Unison

The morning rains pour down some more, as we find a place to hide from the storm

Your love has taken me by surprise, not a day goes by waiting for you, for you to inform

Inform me of your love, and how much you care, my heart burns deep with no more despair

Your eyes take me to a trance like state, losing you is no longer in my mind, no more fear


Talks of love, talks of passion, talks of you and I at last together, take you by my hand

Come with me, let me show you my love, it is time now, time for you to feel my brand

My brand comes in the form of my hand, as it leaves its mark on your taunt little ass

I ask what you need now, you reply “you sir”, you have me and my love never to surpass


My love is shown in many ways, I will always care this we know, Sir needs to be stern tho

Kneel before me, and let it show, as I give you what you need and my love will always flow

Over my knee it is time for you to see, as I smack the ass that I do now and forever own

Leave my mark, my hand print will remain, hold my hand, as I hear you start to moan


Service me this I need, take my cock in your hands, give it a kiss, make love to me please

Let me part your lips, as I enter in, your tongue I feel on my cock, forever love, my guarantee

Suck me well, kiss every inch, lick my cock, and massage my balls, finger my ass as you go

Ready to cum, I feel it build, not ready yet, for you I must please, on all fours, I will now go slow


Behind you I am kissing your neck, kissing your spine, making love to you with my mouth

Slowly down I trace my kisses, looking for that special spot, that spot I will find further south

Lube you up so no pain is felt, finger the ass gently, before filling you up with a nice size plug

Gently insert it in, you do moan, as I touch my soaking wet pussy, as I grasp your hair with a tug


Slide my cock in you deep, slow penetration, as you arch your back, fully in, all you feel is me

Harder I hear you start to say, you beg of me, to fuck you hard, I do not even hear your plea

Still going deep and slow, teasing you greatly, you buck against me, I smack my ass nice and hard

Slowly in and back out again, fingers tracing over your clit, you continue to plea, no more regard


I slam my cock in you at last hard and deep you have a gasp, tempo builds deeper each thrust

You ask for permission to cum, you are almost there, I tell you to wait, my body I need to adjust

Turn you over legs in the air, I enter you hard with no despair, in you deep, as I make love to you

Ready to climax, you plead again, I am nearly ready my pet, just a moment longer, I hear you coo


My cock begins to explode with might, I tell you to cum do it now, cum with me my beautiful pet

Spasms come over your body, my cock buried deep, my pussy clamping harder, the mood is set

Staring at each other, as we hit our peak, a beautiful picture you and me, cumming together at last

Pick you up, bring you in to my arms, hold you tight, together in the moment, forgetting all of the past


Lay beside you, on our love bed, cuddled together, our love does bloom, your head lays on my chest

I look at you and think of how lucky I am, to have a beautiful lady, a obedient pet, baby your the best

Asleep we soon do drift in to, joined together hand in hand, bodies together as our soul and hearts unite

All dark skies gone at last, all feelings of sadness vanquished from our minds, our love shines day and night 

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