Beauty and the Beast – Part II

You fell asleep in his arms, he carried you to a bed, a bed of silk, a bed of comfort, a bed of love
He stands over you watching you breathe, he puts his head down to your chest feels your heart beat
He covers you with a sheet of silk, cooling touch on your skin, on the window sill sits a morning dove
He lays beside you, holds you tight, his skin next to yours, his love you know is true he has no deceit

You awaken with him holding you tight, you are fully at peace, wanting to please, you look in his face
You see his eyes, you see his compassion, you see his soul, he wants you to fully submit to his call
He takes your hand, and leads you away from the room, to a room a room of pure white tile, a new place
In this room he opens a door, and leads you forth to a place to shower, he ties your hands to the wall

He starts the water, nice and warm, your body he begins to spray, spray down with the gentle flow
He lathers the loofa, with some lavender soap, the smell relaxes your body, your heart begins to melt
He gently scrubs you down, paying attention to your special spots, he takes his time nice and slow
You have new feelings, new feelings of love, new feelings of elation, you know his touch is heart felt

Untie you he does now do, as he lays you down on your back, he spreads you open, anticipation mounts
He takes his hand, applies some cream, he rubs it in deep around your mound, his fingers begin to trace
Tracing your parted lips you do now feel, as he rubs in this special cream, as your mind beings the recounts
Recounting how you arrived at this place, a lonely walk with a broken heart, now you are in a kindred place

His razor comes forth as he shaves you down, leaving nothing but the hair above your pretty mound
Clean and new, you now do feel, as he kisses your pretty face with a kiss of passion, a kiss of desire
Up you come on your knees, collar still locked tightly on, you start to hear a melodious sound
You reach for him, his solid cock, you take it in your hands, as you listen to the singing of the angels choir

One beast, one beauty together at last, God ordained this relationship, brought together by only fate
Your lips open as he slides in you, your feel his cock slowly grow, your fire burns with an intense heat
As you make love your mouth his cock, you ponder the life you now have found with your new soul mate
Slowly taking all of him in, your tongue works magic, your lips are subtle, as your pussy begins to secrete

You look in his eyes, with him in your mouth, your eyes ask if he would take you now, your eyes are met
He brings you over to the bed of white, lays you down, begins to feast, oh your newly shaved wet slit
Your back arches, your eyes close, you want to scream his name, but his name you do not know yet
His tongue brings you joy and passion, your climax begins to build, as he sucks deep on your swollen clit

Please sir, I want to know, please tell me your name, make it so, I want to cum, please now let me scream
Call me sir, is what I am, I am your lover, I am your friend, my name is just a mystery, you may cum now for me
You scream out sir, I love you so, as the wave of climax comes to you, you pray this is not just a dream
His cock does now erupt in you, feels you full of his special seed, you and him together forever, he gives you a key

A key to his heart, the key to his soul, you begin to feel something different in your chest, a double beat
A double beat of your heart, two hearts joined in a special bond, his love for you never to be undone
Holds you comforts you, keeps you safe, his promise to you is never to leave, always love never defeat
Your eternal life, has now been rooted, rooted with sir, you still ponder this new love that we have spun




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