Lighting the Darkness

Enter in to my dark world to stay

Take my hand let’s go out to play

Pain is all around the place we go

Death and despair no place to grow


Look in to my eyes I will take your soul

Making you my own my only true goal

Eyes so blue, love that shines so bright

The darkness fades your eyes are my light


You show me a new way to live my life

No more deep scars buried by the knife

Hope joy love is the new path I found

My chains gone no longer feel bound


Bound by the fear in me that daily arose

Now heart is open and freely flows

Flows of love, joy, hope and pure happiness

Now the darkness is gone and no more sadness


Pet my life is owed to you my saving grace

You hold me, sing to me take me to your place

One day I promise to return the favor

My love for you eternal will never waiver

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