Pets Spanking

My pet down on hands and knees 

Face looks towards the ground

I walk over and hear your pleas

I run my hand over your wet mound


You have been bad accept your fate

Over my knees you are laid and waiting

Yes I am your lover I am your mate

But you need this, always obey your king


Hand in hand at the small of your back

Rubbing your pussy, you are dripping wet

My hand comes down hard with a smack

You grip my hand tighter a good little pet


You count out loud with every blow I land

Thanking your sir, for your newly red ass

One final smack, I deliver with my hand

You wince in pain, but you give me no sass


Time for pleasure for you my little pet

Bent over the chair you are now in place

My cock enters your wet pussy we are set

Thursting hard you struggle to keep the pace


Climax is near, you close your eyes and scream

Your pussy clamps my cock and starts to convulse

I pull out of you and release all of your cream

You collapse to your knees with a rapid pulse


You take my cock in your mouth to finish me

Not long now I scream as I release my seed

You can’t take it all a bit drips I see

I lick your lips kiss you deep away I lead

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