Love Sealed, Hearts Healed

Laid down in a bed of roses, wet and waiting for your sir

I come up to you take you by your hand I hear your purr


I pick you up in my arms, stare in to your eyes, with a kiss

Lay you down in the bed face down flog you hard I don’t miss


Kiss that sweet tasting wet pussy, my ass is glowing red

You ask for more, you beg for more, I hear you start to plead


Pick you up again, lay you across my lap hands behind your back

I raise my hand high and bring it down hard against no love lack


Spank again and again, you squeal in pain, my ass burning hot

You scream purple, I stop at once, hurting you is not my plot


Lotion added to my hand rubbed over the redness, bring you down

Hold you tight, love you deep, comfort you till you are feeling sound


Throw you down on the our soft bed, raise your ass ready for my invasion

Present to your lips a steel plug for you to kiss, add it in part of the equation


Lubed and ready it gently goes in, my ass pushes wanting it deeper

Head turned staring at me, your love is on fire, our passion burns steeper


I place my cock at the entrance of the forbidden fruit that is mine

You push back trying to take me in, you look at me wanting a sign


I pull back keeping you wanting, pushing the plug in rhythmic notion

Your eyes beg beg for my cock, I love you much, I love your emotion


I give you a nod, you push back against me, I enter you deep and hard

You rock your hips, pushing in and out, love for us no more on guard


Hands reaching behind you grabbing me by mine, as our bodies dance

You squeeze my hand tighter, your body goes stiff, you are in a trance


Your pussy spasms, your eyes close, your mouth opens, you moan 

My cock reacts wanting to go deeper, I cum with you, never alone


I go down between your legs, kiss the clit, lick my juices from you

To your mouth I do now kiss, sharing our love, more passion ensues


Side by side we lay, eyes fixated, my hand roams the body I own

You touch me gently, playing with your cock, you make me groan



I slide up behind you as you turn facing away, the plug I remove

My cock takes its place, sliding in gently I hope you approve


Reaching around your pussy in my hand, fingering you deep

Your hands reached behind rubbing my chest, soon we sleep


You gasp with much delight, I am buried deep in you holding tight

I fuck you hard, fingers invade, fuck you good, it feels so right


I fill my ass with all of my seed, my pussy squirts all over the bed

I hold you close not removing myself, holding each other nothing said


No words are needed as our love is known and now has been sealed

Asleep together in bliss divine, our bodies united, hearts fully healed











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