Punished Love

Down a rustic path in the wilderness we walk you 3 steps behind with your leash in my hand
The cool spring day, has the animals out all in play, what a site my pet naked with her man

To the clearing we now do go, trees around, your fate is sealed, my pet it is time to serve
On your knees I order at once, you drop down with out a fuss, my cock you take I do observe

In your hands you ask if you may, I give you a nod of permission, so you can play
Your tongue comes out licking the bottom of my cock, suck and kiss I do now say

You slide it past your pretty lips, down your throat you hold it in with a gag
I reach behind, and bring something forth, you look up and see my toy bag

You wonder what I may have in store, what prizes await my pet this afternoon
Stay here in this love, wait here all day, stay until the night shows us its moon

Cock explodes down your throat, you choke and gag, but spill not one drop
I take you over and lay you down, a pillow under you, your ass is now on top

Kiss it gently, softly I do rub, with my hand high above, I bring it down hard and true
Your whimper I hear loud and clear, I smack my ass more, till it turns to a red hue 

Pour cool lotion al l over you, rub it in makes you nice and cool, I see your smile
Just wait and see, this will be your victory, I will make you mine in an afterwhile

Bend you over a down tree limb, arms spread wide I now do bind nice and tight
Take your legs spread them out, bound down again, pussy exposed, what a site.

Cock invades my tight wet slit, you moan and groan as I push in, deeper I go
Bottomed out, no more to give, I stand motionless as I rub my engorged clit

May I cum I hear you exclaim, not now I say, as ice invades that ass of mine
You plead again may I cum! NO not yet I say again, plug inserted see it shine

Please sir you beg some more, I need some release, I can’t take it no more
NO I say final time, my cock comes out and I flog you making you sore

You start to squirt, I flog you harder, you disobeyed my sweet little pet
You look in my eyes and see disappointment, there you are soaking wet

My flogger starts to come up between your legs, landing on those thick lips
I grab my pussy with my hands I bury my fingers, deep inside you move your hips

Cum again now I say or else more punishment you will endure by my hand
You push hard against my hand, grinding with all you got, not want to feel my brand

You scream in pure delight, cumming hard what a sight, your head pulled back to look at me
Waves of orgasm invade over and over, your eyes closed, I love this picture I now see

Bury my cock back in you, harder you buck as I fuck, fuck you hard fuck you deep
Feel my cock, feel it deep, I am close ready to release, release my cum let it seep

Reach and untie you now, I let you down, on the ground, clean your self I do command
You finger your hole finding my seed, bring it out in your mouth with your hand

Lay you down, sleep you must, my tired pet, full of lust, moon now bright high above.
I hold you in my compassiona te arms, I stare in to you deep, this I say you are my love

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