Taking it back

No more, no more, I keep saying, strict, stern, is the words I implore, I fail at every turn, not holding up to my part of the deal, let you down. No more, once again I say.

This time, is different, I need the accountability, I need you to obey, I need to punish you when you fail, fail me? Never, fail my rules maybe, no more this begins today.

In the corner, nose to the wall, hands on your heads or hold my ass apart, wait patiently I stand behind you, feel my breath on your neck, soon you will know.

On bended knee rice laid out, hands behind your back, wait till I get done, your body is mine, punishment I own, you will do as I say, I will let you start to grow.


Lines on a page, over and over you write, cramps in the hands, will stick to your memory, you will complete my tasks, you will complete my rules, else you pay.

Pay with your obedience, pay for your insolent behavior, placed face down on the floor, my foot is on your ass, holding you down, will you now do as I say?

Pull you up my your hair, lay you across the bed, take a cane and place it hard on your ass, soles of your feet maybe I will attack, prepare to always submit.

If your whines are too much for me to listen to, a small gag may be in order, a cleave, a ball I do not know, maybe my cock in your mouth or just a bit.


In closing, hear my words, I have failed you too much, I wont do it again, I will be hard, I will be annoying, I will push your limits, and you will do.

Your heart I own, you are loyal to me, you try your hardest all I expect, you will fail and I will be swift with my punishment, your soul I now pursue.

Invade your mouth, my mighty cock it may, be prepared to be my slut my toy, my everything, I will fuck you hard, mouth ass and pussy, all is MINE.

I am your dominant, you are my submissive, I am your Daddy, you are my little girl, I am your master, you my slave, now tell me all give me a sign.



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