My Needs

Your obedience is my desire, your kneeling and waiting my only want, feel the touch of my whip as it stings your back side.


Once you was broken, I have put you back together, now I need to have you, need to let master out to play, soon you and I.


Tears will fall, bruises will come, I will hold and love you regardless of what you say, you are my submissive bride.


Hold you in my arms as the pain begins to subside, rub your body remove the pain, no you will no longer cry.


For my passion burns strong, my love runs deep, my whip is ready, present your self, now kneel before me at my feet.


Take you hard as my aching member crashes in to you, feel myself deep in to you, take it all let me hear you scream.


My pledge to you, never will I take you for granted, hold and love, strip you of all control, soon face to face to meet.


Now you moan in great delight, your body tenses, the feeling is right, you cry out my name as you release your cream.


My cock hardens, under the clamp you now have on me, I drive it in you harder and faster, eruption soon to come.


Take it out for one last moment, down in front suck on it hard, taste our juices as they intertwine and begin to mingle.


Open wide little girl, take it all in feel you gag, involuntary reflex soon to stop, suck it all every last crumb.


Dripping down the back of your throat you feel my cum flow in to your belly, your body reacts with a sweet little tingle.

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