Trust and a Promise

sitting alone under the maple, rain falling down on my head

thinking of her in a distant place, feeling her love all around

never a touch never, never a hug, only her words ever been said

how can it be this love that is true, within you that I have found


love struck, lust ensues, need to take you to my land of dreams

our land, we have found in a far away place never to be seen

only then where I know full inner peace, her inner glow beams

if this place is never to be found, then your love I must wean


wean myself off, to keep from being broken, no more hurt for me

I know the truth tho, which is forever this I truly believe is for us

passion, and love is what we have, our love is true I do now see

when I have you at last, I will make you mine I am so damn anxious


anixous to take you to my bed, lay you down and bind your limbs

place my man hood to your lips let you show me love with your mouth

your mouth takes me deep feelings of passion our love never dims

my dream, my fantasy, my love, you are my belle from the south


embrace you deeply, invade my love, with all I am take you hard

in you deep holding you tight, gyrations we feel of the night

fears fully gone, trust all I know, no longer on my guard

no guarding needed cause your love shines deep no more fright


Sometime soon you will be forever within my reach, no more distance

no more miles keeping us apart, wake every morning next to my heart.

one trait I have never had, I am now learning, with you is patience

Soon my love I will take you forever, I promise to you never to depart


listen to my song, the music I hear tonight, the music of our sex

a sweet filling I can envision as I invade you with all of me

deeply filling you kinky at last, your sex I need my muscle I flex

sweet orgasmic passion, we both do now feel one day my pet wait and see


Sleep engaged with love inside, heart to heart my seed buried deep

holding each other tight, to scared to ever let go of our dreams

holding you closer kiss your lips, close our eyes and drift to sleep

awake again staring at each other, perfect life, our love gleams


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