Burning passion

Tied down nice and tight in my 4 posted bed

Place my cock to your lips to give me some head

Gag you do as I push deep down your throat
Giving you your fantasies that you have wrote
Wrote down your words of all your desires 
My cock ignites your passion hot as a fire
Finger your pussy make you nice and wet
You moan and purr such a obedient pet
Drink of bourbon I do take, kissing your slit 
From my lips I slip the ice over your soft clit
I pass the cube into the sweet pussy of mine 
Shivers of cold inside you now you do find 
Place my cock at the entrance of my hole
Invade you deeply I do with my big pole
Your body shivers as you scream my name
You love me, I know we have no shame
You clamp down on my cock hard and deep
Fill you full of all my seed my cock does seep
Untie you now collapsed in passion and love
Hold you tight as we sleep, praise to God above
Praise for the love that was sent to ease my pain
Look in your eyes love and passion keeps me sane
Thank you love for your heart of full of gold
This I promise your heart I will forever hold

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