Beauty and the Beast – Part I

Alone you walk in to the darkness of the night, the air is cool, the wind blows, the moon is hidden
You find the man of your dreams, standing in the darkness, you walk up wanting to know more
He reaches forward takes your hand brings you standing in front of him, you know this is forbidden
You want nothing more then to feel his touch, his embrace, you are fully attracted to his allure

Your dress cloaked in white, he places his hand on your chin, as he tilts your head back
He brings his lips to meet yours, the soft kiss he does bring, your eyes close pure bliss
He slides the top of your dress down, exposing your breasts, he is ready for the attack
His cups your breasts in his hand as he reaches forth with his mouth tasting his new miss

You feel the cloth ripped away, more shown to him this man, this person, this new found beast
You are his beauty found him you did, he takes you to his castle, in to his dungeon you go
Prepared before you is a table of galore, wine is poured lips taste the nectar, you are ready to feast
You follow him deeper in to his realm, back to the darkness, you beg of him please go slow

He asks of you are you ready to submit, call me sir and kneel before me if you are ready today.
You kneel down before this man, you lower your eyes, you think, then you speak “I am yours sir”
He comes around you and you feel the steel, the steel of the collar, I now own you he does say.
Yes sir, I am your pet I will obey, I want to please you in every way, You hear her start to purr

Bend over this leather bench, place your knees on either side, he begins to strap you down
Lifting your dress, exposing your ass, blindfolded you now find yourself, no moving locked in place
You wait in anticipation, nerves on edge, you fear never, you feel his hand on your wet mound
Fingering you slowly he does now go, inserts an plug nice and slow, the love is seen in his face

You feel a pain on your ass, as his flogger does strike nice and hard, his mark on you left behind
His cock fills your hole, your hair in his grasp, you moan as he begins to fuck you slow and hard
You find your emotions overwhelming, emotions of pure love and lust, love that you never could find
The other day the tarot shuffled and dealt forth, and came forth the Knight of Cups was your card

His cock moves at a faster pace, you come close to reaching your ultimate climax, please sir you say
You come closer to the edge, holding back, waiting for a sound, your new sir you have found true love
He answers not and continues to fuck, you beg again may I cum sir, you hear him state yes you may
You climax hard, and scream loud, you thank sir, and are thankful from God in the heavens above

Unbound you are now let down, in his arms he holds you tight, his touch brings you inner peace
Laid down side by side, holding each other tight, his hands hold your face, staring eye to eye
Now our love is fully rooted, our trust is fully bloomed, our passions are only able to increase
Making intense love with our eyes, as we vow to never in this life say to each other good bye





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