The Naughty Pet

She wakes up with a gleam in her eye, she decides today she is going to push Sir’s limits. She starts off by just getting out of bed and not servicing her sir. She goes and prepares her morning coffee. Sir awakens and reaches over for his pet, but she is not there. He is unhappy to find this and goes to seek her out. He follows his nose and finds her in the kitchen sipping the freshly brewed coffee. She winks at him and asks him if he would like a cup. She knows sir does not drink coffee, but she asked anyways. Sir walks up her and looks her in the eyes and asks her what is the morning protocol pet? She says “to wait for you to awaken and to see if you need pleasure first”. “This is correct pet, now explain what was different this morning.”. She replied, “Sir, I just wanted some coffee, I know you can’t punishment you love me to much as I love you.” With that Sir grabs her by her wrists and drags her to the couch where he places her over the arm of the couch. Sir lifts her night gown and takes a paddle and starts to paddle her ass 5 smacks per cheek. Pet starts to have a tear roll down her eyes from the smacks. 


Sir turns her around and wipes her eyes. She realizes that she was wrong and needed to make amends. She quickly goes to her knees to service sir, but he walks away leaving her on her knees. She starts to cry thinking she has really made sir mad. 15 minutes go by and pet does not move, and sir comes back and takes pet by the wrists and takes her down the hall way, past the bedroom they continue walking. To the bathroom as they go in she sees sir has prepared a nice bubble bath and has some aromatic candles lit. Sir orders pet to strip him. She does and he slips in to the bath, and pet starts to bathe sir. When she gets down to his dick she realizes it has become erect. She pays special attention to it rubbing it just right, until sir tells her to hurry up and finish his bath. So she goes back to bathing him, once he was bathed he stood up and pet wrapped a towel around him and dried him. “Present your self for inspection pet” barks sir. She stands with her legs spread wide hands on her head as sir comes around checks her over to make sure his property is nice and groomed. He spreads her ass cheeks and puts a bit of lube in her hole as he places a vibrating anal plug in her. He comes down checks her pussy and finds it sopping wet. Sir places a vibrating vaginal plug in your gaping hole and attaches a belt to hold all of your devices in you. Sir now orders you to present for oral sex. You go to your knees and open your mouth. Sir sticks his cock in your mouth and fucks your mouth until he cums down your throat. Sir then tells you to take a bathe and then join him in the den naked. You come down to the den naked with both plugs still in. Sir has you lay down with you head on his lap as he holds you and carresses your body tenderly. I allow you to play with your clit to get your self off. Sir holds you in his arms as you cum, you ask sir if you could remove the vibrating plugs and sir denies you that opportunity and states that you will remain with them in the rest of the weekend. 

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