Making Her Wet 2015-05-18

I want to take you and place my braided leather leash around your collar as you walk behind me naked on your hands and knees

[13:09:03] SIR: You have been a good pet, so you will get rewarded, but first Sir needs to give you a few maintenance spankings, just to remind you who is in control. Not for punishment.

[13:09:25] SIR: How does my pet want spanked?

[13:22:01] pet: I want to be over your knee sir

[13:25:47] SIR: hmmm

[13:27:07] SIR: I bring you over to a large straight back chair, where I take a seat, you kneel in front of me and look with the look of innocence in your eyes. I bring you up to my lips and kiss you deeply. Before laying you over my knees in position with your ass propped up

[13:27:12] SIR: my ass propped up

[13:27:47] SIR: I spread your legs slightly so I can get my hand on to my wet pussy.

[13:28:02] SIR: I slide my fingers in to your wet pussy and order you to put your hands behind your back.

[13:28:20] SIR: Two fingers deep in to you exploring you on the inside as my thumb is rubbing your clit.

[13:29:04] SIR: I grab your hands and hold both at the same time, as I bring my fingers out of my wet pussy. I bring my fingers up to your mouth and you instantly take them in and suck them as you was sucking my dick.

[13:29:22] SIR: Once they are nice and clean I bring my hand down on your left cheek not to hard, but enough for you to feel it you jerk.

[13:29:28] SIR: I bring it down on your right cheek

[13:29:41] SIR: your hands grasp mine tighter as another smack comes down again

[13:29:51] SIR: The smacks are getting harder, you are holding my hands tighter

[13:30:03] SIR: I stop and rub my wet pussy again

[13:30:17] SIR: You are dripping juices on to my leg.

[13:30:38] SIR: I bring my hand up again and land it hard on your right cheek my hand print is left behind. You wince and squeeze my hand even tighter.

[13:31:14] SIR: I tell you one more, your body tenses, you squeeze my hand very tight you close your eyes. as I bring it down left cheek giving you a matching hand print.

[13:31:45] SIR: I reach over and grab some aloe vera gel and rub it in to my butt cheeks soothing them, cooling them down.

[13:32:13] SIR: I order you to the bedroom you crawl back to the room and wait kneeling with your hands on your head

[13:32:19] SIR: (learn your positions my sub)

[13:32:36] SIR: I come in and tell you to kowtow to me which brings your ass up in the air again.

[13:32:50] SIR: I kneel down behind you and look over my marks

[13:33:09] SIR: I lift you back up and tell you to present for service, you are a good sub so you obey.

[13:33:23] SIR: I slip my cock past your lips, your tongue is rubbing on the underside of my cock

[13:33:49] SIR: I bounce the head of my cock off the back of your throat you gag and I pull it back out slightly.

[13:34:00] SIR: you get your breath and I slide it back down your throat.

[13:34:10] SIR: We repeat this process over and over again several times.

[13:34:16] SIR: Tears are in your eyes from gagging.

[13:34:32] SIR: I tense up and release all of cum in to your mouth

[13:34:40] SIR: You take it all not dropping any of it.

[13:34:47] SIR: I pull my dick out of you.

[13:34:58] SIR: You look at me with the look of please, sir please me.

[13:35:08] SIR: I order you up on the bed on your back.

[13:35:20] SIR: I spread your legs with a staineless steel spreader bar

[13:35:30] SIR: I cuff your hands together in front of you.

[13:35:42] SIR: I give you thumper and tell you please yourself I want to watch.

[13:35:51] SIR: As you start, I enter buzz deep in to your ass.

[13:36:02] SIR: Thumper does its magic and you cum and squirt hard.

[13:36:10] SIR: You take thumper out and lick it clean.

[13:36:24] SIR: I remove your bonds and pick you up in my arms

[13:36:33] SIR: I hold you and kiss you

[13:36:57] SIR: we lay down together holding each other tightly and nap so we can go again in another hour.

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