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My Princess

My love, my love I come to you, I take you by your hand and    lead you away, away from the pain away from the fear, to  my  private location not to far away.

Your heart beats loud like a drum, your voice is cracking from  the love you feel, your eyes are glazed as you feel my touch,  my hand upon your face now we pray.

Prayers of consecration, my love you and I, together we lay  down holding hand in hand, as I kiss your princess lips, holding  you tight my hands begin to undress.

Running my hands down you subtle body, feeling every curve  every scar kissing them with my soft touch, I need to feel  myself in you soon, you hear me confess.

Inside my kitty, I place myself deep in to you, feel me grow as I  slowly enter, my love expands deep in your loins, my hands  hold you close, as our spirits begin to meld.

Nice and slow you feel me slide in and out making you feel so  nice deep in to you slowly rocking, your eyes fixated on me as  I hear you start to pant your breathe expelled.

Creamy and wet, my baby is now, you cry out for permission,  which is swiftly granted, you moan and breathe deeper with  each thrust, I near completion, ready to release.

Eternity waited it seems forever, till I can show you my love  fully in person, as I cry out in joy I spill my seed, in to you  deeply, my soul is now at a new level of peace.

Seduction and love we have now completed, time for you to  cuddle next to me, let me hold you nice and tight, kiss your  neck whisper I love you, and say to you good night.

Sleep now my princess, your beauty I will adore, with each  passing breathe I will be vigilant and watchful, protecting  you and keeping you from every type of fright.

Romantic Intercession

I own you this is true, you are my possession, just as I belong to you. Ropes, and plugs all may be nice, but sometimes your sir just wants to adore you and pamper you my queen.

Waiting on you when you get home, greet you at the door a rose in my hand. Take you by the hand, kiss it so sweet, disrobe you slowly and lead you to the bathe I have prepared.

Step in to the nice hot water, feel the kiss of the lavender oil, candles light the room, soft music playing setting the right mood, lay back relax, let me set up our scene.

Soft sponge in my hand, a hint of essence aimed to relax. Gently sponge you down cleaning you well, making you feel special, you make me no longer feel scared.

Massage your shoulders as you soak, kiss your neck, glass of your favorite wine. Chocolate squares to make your heart melt, feed them to you. Pamper you my dear, my all.

Dry you off with a nice plush towel, follow me shhhh not a sound, take you to our room, lay you down. Warm oil dripped on your back, let me take your tension away.

Strong hands massage you deep, close your eyes, think of your fantasy, pray it truly includes me. Shoulders relaxed, moving down, gentle moans I hear you call.

Massage your butt nice and soft, hands slip in to my sacred place, fingers deep as I kiss your back softly. Take your hand, turn you over, hand in hand we will shortly lay.

Feel your hand on your cock, slightly stroking making it nice and hard. Whisper to me tell me what you want. As you move down and swallow me up. I begin to moan.

No not now you hear me declare, this is your day, your servant man I now will portray, crawl up between your legs, let my tongue do a dance as I kiss my clit.

Your love is true, I truly know, your hands grab my head and pull me closer in, verge of orgasm you say please not yet. Let me feel you in me I hear you groan.

Slide myself in to you, your hands on my chest, eye to eye unbroken gaze, perfect submission to one another. A true love story together we will never quit.

Locked together in our love, hold one another as we approach the climax, deep stare no holding back, arms wrapped around each other, hold me tight.

You start to pant, as I make love a little faster, a little harder I drive in to you, your legs wrapped around me pulling me in, deeper each time, I feel your spasms.

Kissing deep as the passion builds, the moment is coming let us not forget. Deep kiss still continues, you mumble out I am ready. Body convulses with all your might.

My seed explodes in to you deep, you feel my love as I wrap my arms around you, pulling you closer. Two lovers united in harmonious sounds, of our mutual orgasms.

The Questions

Alone in the night you sit and ponder, ponder what mysterious man you have came upon, alone on the web in me you found.

Talking sweet, making me smile, your love cracked the unbreakable man, the man too cold to feel, too cold to love.

Restored faith in mankind, restored faith in love, restored the Sir to what he was before, now I claim you as the one I own.

Watching you from afar, guiding your actions, a good pet you have became, proud as hell for the love you have shown.

Now I want you, now I need you, you have bewitched me my little pet, you freely gave me all of you, gift from above.

Said it before, say it again, my pet you are owned, my pet you are mine, when I am with you, forever you may be bound.


On the chair you find yourself tied, in front of me tormented and teased, not allowed to be pleased, not yet, soon though my pet.

Must beat this level, you need to be patient, as I kill the enemy in assassins creed, soon I will play games with the one I own.

Destroyed this level, character asleep at last, now my attention is on you, are you ready for what the devious acts I planned?

Answer me at once pet! I will not ask again, are you my one, my only, do you bow your allegiance to me? I make my stand.

I am your SIR, I look you over, find nothing but perfection, my heart races as I tilt your head towards mine, never to be alone.

Kiss you deep, bite your lip, slap my breast that is nicely clamped, pain you enjoy, I see in your eyes, no cum yet.


Untie my pet, bound her hands behind her, push her to her knees, securely lock my collar on her neck, fully owned.

Speak my pet, what do you want? Speak my pet, Who do you want? Speak my pet, do you want to be fucked by me?

Or would you rather for me to lay you down in a bed of lace, caress your tender body, kissing you all over and make love?

These questions I ask, I need to know, tell me your fantasy tell me your dreams, tell me what you want of me, my dove.

pet you are mine, I will not let you go, if you wish to leave though I will walk away and set you free, you hold the key.

The key to our lives, the key to our love, the key to all of lifes mysteries can’t you see. Close my eyes and know I am atoned.


Rough Play

My pet crawl to me and kneel before me, kiss my feet eyes down, raise your ass up let me see it up high.

My hand raises comes down on my ass hard, you have not disappointed me, this is just for a reminder.

Your Sir loves you this you know, but I made a vow to you to be your Sir, I fail, but no longer, you are mine.

Learn your positions, my pet, learn them right, complete your tasks, forget not your journal, you will be fine.

Close your eyes, remember all that I command, my love will never fleet, for you I will always be kinder.

Mark left on my ass, nice and red, I rub you down, my kisses planted all over up and down your thigh.


Grab my pet by the hair, roughly invade her mouth with my cock, down your throat you feel my girth.

Tears drip down your face, you search for a breath, I release my grip, let you breathe in, before fucking again.

Flogging your backside as you choke down my cock, I need you to understand my roughness is out of love.

Flip you over, grab you and slam my cock in to my ass, fill you full of me, stretching you out fit like a glove.

Cumming in you filling you full of my creamy white thick tasty cum, burning up with desire in my secret den.

Clean my cock my pet, treat me good, I want to hold you now as I finger my pussy, cum for all its worth.

My pet, my princess, names bestowed on you.

I call you my pet, this is true, you are a cute adorable little kitty to me, tail bouncing, obediently obeying your sir.

You are my princess as well, I will protect you in my shining armor, show you my love, while you lay and purr

Most importantly to me, you are my baby, my lover, my beautiful precious girl that I call my own forever

For you my love, caring comes first, I will treat you right all day and night. I am grateful joining you in this endeavor


You offered to me your heart, I took it with honor, along with it I also took possession of all of my pet

Placed in your trust, my fractured heart, your love the only thing that can mend it, you are my Juliet

Trusted me to care for you, trusted me to adore you, trusted me to be true to you, can I be your Romeo

Wanting only to come and take you by your hand, lead you to my promised land, my love I will show


You showed me your soul and so much more, I showed you my love, along with all my grey

Today is going to be long, I see that now, it is ok, I know your love is true, for us I pray

An avalanche of love has came crashing in, took me by surprise, happen so fast

Fell in love in only two weeks, soul searched and tested, scared quick love would not last.


Dedicated to you , my heart and soul. The only person I ever want to be with, you are true.

True to me, true to us, lasting an infinity, hearts melded in to one, nothing can destroy us two

What am I saying with all of these words? Simply to sum it all up I will just say, I love you much.

My heart does still ache I will tell you the truth, my heart will always ache till I feel your touch.


Time to change my tone, time to make you my own, time for you to know what I need.

I want to see you before me, kneeling nice and pretty, tease you deny you, give you my seed.

Spank you, rub you, edge you over and over, bring you to the brink, before I stop with my tease.

Fire from the candle, wax on my breasts, cool you down with a bit of ice, my pussy I now freeze




Wet Dream

On all fours my sweet pet crawls to her sir, wanting to rub her tail against his leg

Backed up against my cute ass, does wag, you push it in deeper as you beg

Beg my sweet pet for release of orgasm, denied so long frustrations mount

Touch my pussy, make it nice and wet for me, lick your juices pussy drips as a fount


Push my tail in deeper with my foot as you finger yourself in front of me, I hear the moan.

Your body is perfect and ever so precious to me, you gave it to me freely now I fully own.

Turn around and face me, leave my pussy alone, my cock aches for your tongue your kiss.

Take me in to your mouth, treat me like a king, I am your sir you are my pet, perfect bliss.


Suck me in to your mouth ever so deep, gag on my cock, as I invade your throat.

If there was a contest, of the worldest greatest pet, you will have my vote.

Tenderly massage my balls as you suck, finger my ass, fuck me with your mouth.

I only want one thing right now, and that is to come to you in the deep ol south.


Taste my cum, enjoy every drop. Lick your lips, show me what you love the most.

I am honored to have such a beautiful and sweet pet, to the world I have to boast.

To the back room my pet, time for some torment, your body I am taking as my toy.

Tease and deny you, torment you much, only fear is that I will eventually annoy.


Walking behind you as you crawl, admiring my cute little ass with its nice fluffy tail.

Long flogger in my hand, crashing down on my ass, your scent I want to inhale.

Lay you back on our bed of love, crawl up between your legs lick my pussy deep.

I feel the wetness, I feel your heat, my sweet pet, I taste my pussy that seeps.


Tongue in you so very deep, feel you squirm, you start to kick, begging me please sir let me cum

No you may not, not today you will feel the sexual frustration,  I must tease you torture you some.

Flick my clit fast and hard, you start to climax I stop my attack, left hanging needing more.

Flip you over, ass in the air, time to punish my pet for starting to cum, time for you to feel a bit sore.


Across my knees you now find yourself, hands in the small of your back the spanking now will begin.

Count with me as I spank my ass, thank me for each smack that I land, each smack brings a grin.

A grin to my face, as you squeal each time, your voice echos a thank you sir while you begin a count.

I look at my redden ass, and think to myself, this ass I own, nice and red, now I need it to mount.


Laid across the bed ass in the air, hands behind your back, tied together nice and tight.

The head of my cock finds my tight little hole, up against it I slowly press, oh what a sight.

Glides in to you, deep and wide, you gasp for air as I begin to slowly fuck my tight little ass.

Your obedience to me, your unwavering love, your utmost submission you do surpass.


You start to cry out to me, please sir, I need to cum, the want in your pussy is unbearable sir.

Fine I say, but not quite yet, I want to feel my pussy around my cock, I want to hear you purr.

Remove my cock, replaced with your tail, cock invades my tight pussy nice and hard.

My pussy begins to instantly spasm, my pussy clamps down hard on my cock, orgasms bombard.


You hear a ringing in your ears, you open your eyes, you look over see the alarm sounding.

You reach down, my pussy is still wet and wanting, it was all a dream, you find it confounding.

Your sir, still denies your orgasm, you will wait until he can take it no more, your pleasure is his.

Before you can cum, he needs you to know, your love is the most important, and he wants your kiss.









Epic Release

The edge has you flushed, your breath is taken away, leaving you wanting more

No more right now, my pussy needs tortured as you lay panting on the floor

Wag your tail, feel the tug, my ass is tight, fills you up with much delight

My pet you truly are now, as I stand and admire my  handiwork what a site.


Beg me for release, on your knees at my feet, ask me sir may you cum

I love you my pet, you need to learn, in my hands, putty you now become

mold you, sculpt you, obedience you know, beg me love me need me always

Ride me, fuck me, words I hear, take me over the edge trying to resist your gaze


Spoiled and pampered my pet she is, deserving and loving, all I can give

United together, sir and pet, her and him, lovers always we shall live

Take my cock in your hands, suck it deep, show me how much you need release

Deep in your throat, my cock does go, you gag and suck, perfect peace


Doggie style time to fuck, release you earned by loving me with your touch

Move tail to the side, bury my cock deep in to my gaping hole, oh so much

So much love, as we fuck like animals, grasping the bed, moaning out loud

Please sir, may I cum at once, your words do echo, as I ride on this cloud


High in the sky, my mind is now free, my love is buried deep in to you

Our passions burn with deep fire, as my pussy pulsates, I feel your cue

My cock explodes, your orgasm rushes, our bodies together feeling a rush

Now I know, why we are together at last, I now know you are more then a crush



Mine to Keep

Alone in my room, I sit and stare at the blank tv wondering where you are at, wondering what is to become wondering is this true love.

I read the words shared together, the couple we are the couple to be, my heart buried deep in your soul, your heart I hold gently as dove.

My eyes cast downwards, tears I do shed, trying to find the peace of knowing why you love me, I live in darkness, light scares me away.

When I hear a knock at the door, a knock on my heart, as I answer you look at me and place your hand on my chest, and I hear you pray.


A prayer of comfort, a prayer of eternity, a prayer of you and I together forever. My wondering are gone as I feel your warm gentle touch

I take you by your hand, lead you to my forbidden place, a room basked in darkness, no light to be seen, your presence is too much

The room lights up, the darkness starts to go away, I see your face clearly now, your eyes pierce my soul, your heart beats hard, I hold you tight.

You tell me your secrets, how much you really need me, how much you strive to be my pet, be my princess, be my daily guiding light


I accept you every bit of you, the good, the bad, the flaws, for in you I see only perfection. Our pasts are that, gone away like the setting sun

The present and the future are my only concerns, a life for you I want to make, a life of little worry, a life of jubilee, a life for us never undone

I whisper to you, I love you deeply, my heart beats harder then ever in the past, your soft voice responds with the words i crave, words of adoration

God created all that there is, we both know this is true, understanding it all is sometimes hard to do, but our love is his perfect creation


Now lay with me on my bed I have made just for you, the sunlight now peers in to my room, my heart healed ready to give to you.

I take your face in to my palm, press my lips against yours as we kiss with a passion of young love. My hands caress your body so true.

I slowly remove the shirt off your back, as I feel you reach down in to my jeans releasing me, I kiss you deeper, as I move to your neck

Fire burns hotter then the sun in the sky, slowly removing all clothing in my way, my kisses plant on every inch of your body, every small speck


Hold you tightly against my now naked body, naked as adam and eve in the garden no shame, though we feel, we begin our new dance

Arms wrapped around my neck as I begin to massage your backside making you feel at ease, your comfort begins to our love is so expanse

On your back I begin to rub you down, some nice hot oil as I massage your body, removing all your tension, removing all your apprehension

MMMmmmmm baby, I hear you say, your words tell me all I need to know. in you is only love and caring, no more worry of dissension


I place my lips to your poultry pussy, kissing it gently snaking my tongue in and out of you, my finger finds my tight little ass gently I insert.

Slide in your tail, fill you full, tongue my pussy ever more, finger you deep as I kiss and tell, tell you of my love, my precious dessert

Bring your legs up high as my cock rages needing to feel you wrapped around me, I bring my cock up and place it gently in to you deep

Slowly tendering I enter you harder with each thrust, my cock pulsates as your pussy tightens. Deep kissing, whispers you are mine to keep







Pets Inspection

I come to you and stare you down, you stand naked showing me all of your self, legs wide spread, arms on your head, ready for inspection. I lift the hair off of your neck and make sure you are nice and clean. I kiss your neck you moan slowly, I check under your arms to ensure nice and shaven. I have you bend over and reach behind and spread my cheeks so I can inspect my ass. As you have your ass cheeks spread, I slide a vibrating anal plug in and set the vibrations on high. I run my hands down your legs, making sure there is no stubble and all of your skin is baby smooth. I come back up as you are still bent over holding your ass cheeks apart, and inspect my pussy making sure no hair is visible on the lips only hair should be above my pussy. You are nice and clean my pet. You make me proud, now present yourself for oral gratification for your sir.


You drop to your knees, and place your hands on top of your head. Your mouth is wide open your eyes are down cast. I walked up and you lean forward and take my cock in to your mouth. You slowly kiss my balls, you roll your tongue around my shaft, and start kissing up my shaft kissing the tip as you gently take my tip in to your mouth you suck on it gently, before sliding your mouth down my entire shaft. You gag as you deep throat me all the way in. You take my cock almost out of your mouth just sucking on the head again as one hand cups and plays with my balls, your other hand slowly strokes my cock up and down. As you continue to work on just the tip, your hands start to run over my body, caressing my ass, rubbing my chest. You gently slide your finger in to my ass and finger me as you build up pace sucking my cock deeper in to your mouth, You let my cock slip out as you kiss down my shaft to my balls and kiss them and start to gently suck on them, your other hand stroking my man hood. Bringing me close to climax, you bring your mouth back up to my cock and take me deep in to your throat as I start to release all of my seed down the back of your throat. You gag trying to keep up, paying attention to not let any spill out of your mouth. I remove my cock from your mouth you open your mouth and show me what a good pet you are keeping all my cum in check as you swallow it down. I look down and notice a bit has spilled on to my breasts, i reach down and raise you up to me and lick the spilled seed from your breasts as I gently suck on them making your nipples nice and hard. “Should my pet be punished for spilling my seed?” I ask, in which you reply “If you think I should, sir”.


I attach a leash to your collar, and raise you up by the leash as I bend you over my knees. Your pulse races, your breathing becomes rapid, your nerves are getting the best of you my pet. I tell you to breathe, take a deep breath in and hold it, I wait a second and instruct you to release the breath. Keep breathing in slowly, control your breathing, relax your body. You start to relax as my hand runs over your subtle tight ass, I place your hands in the small of your back. I take your hand in to mine our hands are interlaced, as my other hand comes down hard against your right cheek. You jump you start breathing hard again, I instruct you again on controlling your breaths. I bring my hand down on the opposite cheek, you wince as you feel the sting of my hand on your bare ass. Over and over it seems to you I will not stop. I bring my hand down again this time driving your plug in you deeper you moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I feel my leg getting wet from your soaking wet dripping pussy. I run my fingers between your slit and find the proof that you are getting wetter by the moment. I dive two of my fingers deep in to you, and bring them to your lips for you to clean. I continue holding your hand as I wipe away the solemn tear. My heart pounds and breaks as I realize I may have gone too far, but you know the safe word the word you did not speak. I take some aloe lotion and pour it on your bright red ass and slowly work it in cooling the heat and burn that my hand has left behind. I place you on your knees in front of me once again this time bringing your chin up so I am looking you in the eyes. I reach down and kiss your forehead before telling you how much I love you. I cradle you in my arms and hold and comfort you for a few minutes.


I bend you over the edge of the bed, and spread your legs as wide as possible and lock in a steel spreader bar. I bring your hands behind your back and lock them in place and attached a small pole from your wrists to the collar on your neck making it hard for you to move. I come up behind you, and kneel down and slide my long strong tongue in your dripping wet slit. I snake my tongue up your crack and up your back. As my rock hard cock slowly presses in to your pussy as your lips part accepting my rod slowly entering in to you. I slam my cock in to you hard lifting you up off the bed as you gasp for air as my thrust takes your breath. I pull out of you slowly, and thrust in you hard once again. Slowly out, and back in hard over and over. You start thrusting your hips back against my invading cock as I bury deeper in to you with each thrust. You ask if you may cum, I ponder the question as I slam my cock in to you again. I reach around and massage my breasts. Your head is buried in to the bed, my thrusts come again and again unrelentingly burying my cock in you deeper with each thrust. You beg me “Please, sir I need release” I ignore you and make you hold off as I continue to fuck you hard. My cock buries in you deeper then you have ever felt, you feel full, the plug is still vibrating you hard. I attach a vibrator directly to your clit and tell you cum for me now. Waves of orgasm come over your body as your skin turns pale, as the blood rushes from you. Your pussy clamps down hard on to my cock as I am buried in you, your hips gyrating on me trying to make the orgasm more intense, your orgasm subsides and you start to breathe as I thrust in you yet again starting another wave of climax that hits you. Your breath is lost once again, you scream, you scream loud you scream my name. You collapse on the bed as I continue to fuck you hard, your body is wore out you have no more in you. The vibrations on your clit drive you nuts, another orgasm hits you your body tenses, your body starts to spasm as you try to control your breathing. I explode in you filling you full of my cum. The lack of oxygen from your shallow breaths cause you to pass out in euphoria. I reach and undo all of the locks releasing you. I hold you in my arms your head on my chest, my cum running down your leg. You come to with a feeling of peace as I have you in my grasp. I lay down beside you as we drift off to sleep.

Joined in Unison

The morning rains pour down some more, as we find a place to hide from the storm

Your love has taken me by surprise, not a day goes by waiting for you, for you to inform

Inform me of your love, and how much you care, my heart burns deep with no more despair

Your eyes take me to a trance like state, losing you is no longer in my mind, no more fear


Talks of love, talks of passion, talks of you and I at last together, take you by my hand

Come with me, let me show you my love, it is time now, time for you to feel my brand

My brand comes in the form of my hand, as it leaves its mark on your taunt little ass

I ask what you need now, you reply “you sir”, you have me and my love never to surpass


My love is shown in many ways, I will always care this we know, Sir needs to be stern tho

Kneel before me, and let it show, as I give you what you need and my love will always flow

Over my knee it is time for you to see, as I smack the ass that I do now and forever own

Leave my mark, my hand print will remain, hold my hand, as I hear you start to moan


Service me this I need, take my cock in your hands, give it a kiss, make love to me please

Let me part your lips, as I enter in, your tongue I feel on my cock, forever love, my guarantee

Suck me well, kiss every inch, lick my cock, and massage my balls, finger my ass as you go

Ready to cum, I feel it build, not ready yet, for you I must please, on all fours, I will now go slow


Behind you I am kissing your neck, kissing your spine, making love to you with my mouth

Slowly down I trace my kisses, looking for that special spot, that spot I will find further south

Lube you up so no pain is felt, finger the ass gently, before filling you up with a nice size plug

Gently insert it in, you do moan, as I touch my soaking wet pussy, as I grasp your hair with a tug


Slide my cock in you deep, slow penetration, as you arch your back, fully in, all you feel is me

Harder I hear you start to say, you beg of me, to fuck you hard, I do not even hear your plea

Still going deep and slow, teasing you greatly, you buck against me, I smack my ass nice and hard

Slowly in and back out again, fingers tracing over your clit, you continue to plea, no more regard


I slam my cock in you at last hard and deep you have a gasp, tempo builds deeper each thrust

You ask for permission to cum, you are almost there, I tell you to wait, my body I need to adjust

Turn you over legs in the air, I enter you hard with no despair, in you deep, as I make love to you

Ready to climax, you plead again, I am nearly ready my pet, just a moment longer, I hear you coo


My cock begins to explode with might, I tell you to cum do it now, cum with me my beautiful pet

Spasms come over your body, my cock buried deep, my pussy clamping harder, the mood is set

Staring at each other, as we hit our peak, a beautiful picture you and me, cumming together at last

Pick you up, bring you in to my arms, hold you tight, together in the moment, forgetting all of the past


Lay beside you, on our love bed, cuddled together, our love does bloom, your head lays on my chest

I look at you and think of how lucky I am, to have a beautiful lady, a obedient pet, baby your the best

Asleep we soon do drift in to, joined together hand in hand, bodies together as our soul and hearts unite

All dark skies gone at last, all feelings of sadness vanquished from our minds, our love shines day and night